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Cheap holiday trip ideas

Updated on October 8, 2010

There is nothing better than a well planned and enjoyable holiday. It can really put back what everyday life takes out of us. Unfortunately your dream holiday can put quite a dent in your bank account. This article is all about having that great holiday without emptying out your piggy bank.

Some of my best holiday trips have been when I have I was watching my budget, I feel too guilty when I know I am overspending.

To help you plan a cheaper holiday we will look at some money saving tips, then we will discuss some of the cheaper alternative holiday locations.

European cheap holiday trips:

England is one of the most interesting destinations in the world. It has a great medieval history. If you love castles, military history and beautiful cathedrals, this is the destination for you. Unfortunately England is also one of the most expensive destinations.  Scotland is a great alternative, it has all of the same attractions as England, but a much more reasonable price. I also found Scotland to have a more picturesque countryside. Just don’t go in winter, Scotland’s winters are absolutely freezing.

Amsterdam is famous for it’s legalized weed and prostitution. When in Amsterdam you should really check out the “coffee shops” and the red-light district, but Amsterdam’s attractions don’t end there. Amsterdam has a great nightlife, maybe the best in all of Europe so come ready to go clubbing.

Also worth a look are the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank House.

Eilean Donan Castle
Eilean Donan Castle
Hoan Kiem Lake Hanoi Vietnam
Hoan Kiem Lake Hanoi Vietnam

South Africa
If you fancy an African safari, South Africa is a great option. It’s not quite as third world as the rest of Africa, so you don’t have to ruff it on a holiday trip here. Check out the internet for cheap holiday trips to South Africa.

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City
Planning an Eastern holiday? You can’t beat Vietnam on price. I recommend renting a bicycle and peddling through the city. It really is a beautiful and culturally rich city.

Some tips to keep your holiday costs down

  1. If you are planning a short or simple trip, plan the trip yourself. Only use a travel agent if the trip is lengthy and complicated.
  2. Go in the off-season, everything is cheaper and there are fewer tourists around.
  3. Comparison shop online. Comparing the online offers will usually land you a good deal.
  4. Look at packages, on EBay. Travel agents will frequently put packages that have been canceled on, on there. So, you can find some real bargains.
  5. Go in a group. You can generally get bigger discounts, the more people you are.
  6. Keep your long distance calls down. The rates for long distance calls in some countries are insane.
  7. If you are going to rent a car, rent the smallest one practical for your trip. You will save both on petrol and rental fees.
  8. Don’t rent your car at the airport. You will find much better rates outside the airport.
  9. Travel with a cooler loaded with food and drink. It will be cheaper than stopping every now and again.

Above all remember you are out there to relax and have fun, hopefully with these tips you can do so without overpaying for the experience.


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    • Ianmac profile image


      8 years ago from Gran Canaria

      Nice Hub - anything to keep the price of holidays down!


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