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How to Find Cheap Hotels in lagos, Nigeria

Updated on June 23, 2013

Tips on where and how to find cheap hotels in Lagos Nigeria

Why do you want a cheap hotel in Lagos Nigeria? Is it because you can’t afford the outrageous rates some hotels charge or you are just looking to save money for yourself from the amount you were given as travel allowance on an official visit to Lagos Nigeria?

Whatever the case, it is essential to note the things to look out for when looking for them as many of them do not provide information about their rates on their websites. Here are some tips on where and how to find cheap hotels in LagosNigeria. But keep in mind that cheap hotels means compromised quality so be prepared for it.

Where to find cheap hotels in Lagos Nigeria

Mainland Lagos clearly hotels in mainland Lagos are cheaper than those on the Island. If you want to lodge in a low class hotel at let’s say Ikeja, you will likely spend less than if you were to lodge at a similar hotel in somewhere like Ajah because cost of living is generally lower in the mainland than on the Island. Hence hotels in Ikeja, Surulere, Festac and so on may not necessarily be cheap but are certainly not as expensive as their counterparts in Ikoyi, VI, Lekki, Ajah and so on.

How to find cheap hotels in Lagos Nigeria

If you use the internet for your search for hotels, check the following signs to guide you.

How prestigious is the hotel? The prestige the hotel has built over time determines its going rate. Sheraton Hotel and towers and Airport Hotel both in Ikeja are expensive because of the prestige they have had over the years as five star hotels never mind that newer hotels some of which are cheaper are giving them a run for their money. A little background check will help.

Available Facilities

What kind of facilities do they have? Again the internet provides us with clues about them. The more facilities they have, the more expensive they tend to be. Check to see things like Olympic sized swimming pools, car hire service etc and how good are these facilities?

Use travel agents as guides

On the other hand the internet is not the only source of information of where to find cheap hotels travel agents could also be of use to you as they are usually well grounded about where and how to find cheap hotels in Lagos Nigeria.


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