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Updated on December 29, 2014

Prices: Very Cheap

Honestly, when I book flights, I use Google Flights, as I tend to always find the cheapest flights by using it. I love Google Flights, but every once in a while I do come across better deals on flights from other sites such as Priceline, Orbitz and many others. This doesn't happen very often though, and that is why I was surprised when I came across CheapFareGuru and found very cheap flights. The flights were cheaper than what I could find via Google Flights.

Also, not many people might be aware of this, but you can expect to pay a booking fee via Cheap Fare Guru. In my case, I paid a fee of just under $50, and my ticket was a tad more than $800 and some change. So, my total amount I paid came to around $850, which was a bargain because of the dates I chose and how close to Xmas it was when I decided to book my flight.

I know I might sound overenthusiastic about the prices, but they really are that good and they rock! When it comes to the deals they offer, I have no complaints at all.

Other Services

Asides from offering you a way to look for cheap flights, you can even use CheapFareGuru to look for hotels, last minute deals on travel, rental cars and stuff of that nature. I didn't use the site for anything other than finding and booking my flight. However, if I was in need of a hotel or rental car, then the chances are very good that I would use Cheap Fare Guru to search for them.

However, my advice is this: if you do plan on searching for hotels and rental cars, and even flights on this site, then still compare prices on other sites. It's always good to compare different sites and even though I regular use Google when I need to book a flight, I still check out other sites.

Customer Service: Good Customer Service

CheapFareGuru provided great customer service, and it was straightforward. I booked my trip with them, and then got a phone call shortly afterwards. The person on the other end was very friendly and they just wanted to confirm my travel dates and the price with me, and I was only on the phone for no more than 10 minutes. It was a quick, easy and painless. I have nothing remotely even negative to say about the customer service that I received from Cheap Fare Guru.

CheapFareGuru Gets 5-Stars

I personally love and I think it is a really good site. I saved a lot of money when I booked my flight with them. And that is saying a lot because as I said before, I am a major fan of Google Flights and rarely find anything cheaper than what I find on Google Flights. I was very pleased at how much I ended up paying for my flight, and if I have to book another flight in the future, then I will be checking out Cheap Fare Guru again.

I know it sounds like I am promoting this site, but I am not promoting it at all and I am in noway affiliated with that site! I simply like to save cash when I book flights and I actually couldn't believe just how much money I saved when I used the site.

My Rating Of Cheap Fare Guru

5 stars for


I highly recommend trying CheapFareGuru, but just remember there is a booking fee and you will want to ask how much that fee is before you purchase flight tickets from them. I for one will be checking out their prices in the future, when I have to fly somewhere again, especially overseas.


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