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Cherry Blossoms in Okinawa

Updated on May 23, 2013

Okinawa is an island full of beauty. One of the greatest creation in my opinion that God have created on the Rock is the Cherry Blossom Tree. As I was growing up, every Spring time, it would bloom beautifully and always gave me a sense of new beginning. To me, it symbolized the new beginning each year and allowed the past to be let go.

There was one day that I remembered when my friends and I would stop by a restaurant and get some taco rice. We would get some for 350 yen each and went to a park to enjoy our lunch. We would talk about new beginnings, new resolutions, and new goals. We would sit around the park for hours until dusk and we would head home. Of course, some of the Spring vacation would the time we would say our last goodbyes and head into a new future life and unto the unknown.

18 years later, after I got back to the states, I have missed seeing the Cherry Blossom trees. Even by looking at the pictures still don't feel the same. One day I would like to find a Blossom Tree and show the true beauty of it to my wife and children. It would be much sweeter if I could take them to Okinawa, the place where I grew up in and embrace the cultures and traditions of the Rock Island.

If you ever go to Okinawa or any other parts of Japan or many other places in Asia, check out the Cherry Blossom Trees. Just stand under the tree and be thankful for what you have. Admire the beauty those trees and be ready for a brand new days, weeks, or years to come. Everyday is a new living day and we should enjoy living.

Okinawa will always be in my heart and I am grateful that its cultures and traditions are part of me. I will forever cherish the moments on Okinawa and never forget the love and compassion that my friends and relatives have shown me.


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