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Chicago: The greatest city on Earth

Updated on September 24, 2012

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Why Chicago

In my 32 years on this Earth I have had the opportunity to live or visit many cites and states in out fine country, and none in my opinion compare to Chicago. Even with all of the racism, crime, crookedness, pollution, traffic, and weather this is the greatest place to be. Each time that I have left, I find myself drawn back to it. You would not understand this city unless you have lived here. Our great sports teams, silly traditions, our many cultures, and our need to be bigger than everyone else. Some years ago I was on vacation in Las Vegas, and started having a conversation with a gentleman on the strip, and within one minute of talking to him I knew that he was from Chicago. This is city was the birthplace or home to some great people in American history and pop culture People like Ray Kroc who was the first CEO of McDonalds. People like Al Capone,, Jack Ruby, Larry Hoover, John Belushi, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jennifer Hudson, Muddy Waters, Barack Hussein Obama II,Kanye West, Dwyane Wade, and Derrick Rose. It's the city that burned and rose again. There's no place like Chicago!

Chicago was founded in 1837, and is the third largest city in the U.S. The great Chicago fire happened in 1871 and burned about 4 square miles of the city. but what defines the city is what happened after the disaster. While many looked at a city in ruin, some investors developed an idea to rebuild the city. At the time of the fire the majority of homes and businesses were constructed of wood which helped the fire spread so quickly throughout the city. In the aftermath homes were constructed of brick and stone to prevent large scale future damage from future fire. Also in 1885 Chicago was the home of the world's first skyscraper. Still to this day the majority of homes are constructed of brick or brown stones.

Because of the fact that Chicago is positioned right off of Lake Michigan the weather in Chicago is up for grabs from day to day. You can leave your house to sunshine in the morning, and return to thunderstorms of snow in the evening. As with most Midwest states winters can be brutal with temperatures reaching lows below zero at times. Factor that with with a brisk cold breeze and you will feel what many Chicagoans simply refer to as the "hawk". Summers are the best time to be in Chicago with all of the parades, festivals, and block parties going on. With the humidity factoring in with the heat a 95 degree day can feel like 105.

One of the great things about living in Chicago is the amazing restaurants and food choices throughout the city. No matter if it's pizza, Italian beef, or Brazilian steaks there are many choices throughout the city to choose from. If ever in the area during the summer months around the forth of July you have to checkout the Taste Of Chicago which brings you some some of the top eats from the Chicago land area into Grant park to sample from each place. They also have concerts, live bands, and other entertainment for everyone in the family. Or take in a Chicago style deep dish pizza which will blow your taste buds away.

When in Chicago there are going to be many place that you will want to see while you are here, but there are some that you will not want to miss. First you will want to check out our downtown area where you can walk the magnificent mile, check out the Willis Tower(aka the Sears Tower). Take a trip to the North side and watch a game at Wrigley Field or checkout the White Sox on the south side. Enjoy our fabulous bars and night clubs throughout the city. Visit the Michael Jordan statue at the United Center. We also have some of the nations top Universities such as Northwestern and the University of Chicago.

The people of Chicago have a certain spirit about us. We do not take no for an answer, and we are always looking for the new best thing. It is a very expensive place to stay. We are home to some of the nations highest gas prices, and you can not smoke in or around public places. My city charges $10 for a pack of cigarettes, but all in all I love this place.

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