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U.S. Online Minor Child Temporary Travel Consent/ Guardianship Forms and Templates?.

Updated on May 19, 2016

U.S. Child Travel Consent Agreements are documents that are essential to authorize Relatives; such as Grandparents, Uncles, Aunties or close family friends who need a legal agreement to assume responsibility for a child. That provides a secure plan that includes a Caregivers Affidavit for authorizing a named person to have legal responsibility for medical treatment, education and full responsibility for the minor whilst travelling within the USA or abroad.

The most popular features of an American Childs Travel Consent agreement that is for the childs protection and requires legal documentation are: Authorization for Minor's Medical Treatment, Authorization for Temporary Guardianship and a Caregivers Authorization Affidavit. These documents are designed to either give a person partial or full responsibility for the medical and educational needs of a child being cared for.

Also consider:

Last Will & Testament; a property can be placed into a Revocable Trust within a Last Will, Child Custody; this can have a Caregivers Affidavit embeded into it giving a named person full control and resposibility,

Co-habitation for a partner who has entered a new relationship with a child from a previous relationship,

Living Wills, these are useful if a person becomes incapacitated as a Legal Guardian.

The Prenuptial Agreement can be used to define the financial outcome in the event of a relationship failing, thereby protecting the future interests of a minor.

Revocable Trust; protects property as an investment for a child usually to provide welfare and educational funding.

Child Travel Consent Form -Typical Package Contents

Gives legal authorization and consent for a child to travel with a specific person

Gives the authorized person to make changes in travel plans and other decisions

Describes travel purpose to ensure compliance with parents' or guardian's wishes

Protects minor with legal guardianship during traveling

1. Authorization for Minor's Medical Treatment

2. Authorization for Temporary Guardianship for Minor

Whats the Typical Price?.

Links For Legal Forms Suppliers

Formsgateway offers a high quality standard package on-line for any U.S. State, Price:$19.99

Legal Messenger offers a standard package of forms that protects a minor with legal guardianship during traveling plus two extra FREE forms which are: (a). Authorization for Minor's medical Treatment, (b)Authorization for Temporary Guardianship for Minor. The Price is higher: $29.99; but if the extra forms are needed then this package will save a lot of time and money.



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    • beebong profile image

      beebong 7 years ago from UK

      Having the right documents is especially important for the carer to be able to take full responsibility and that includes very important medical treatment should it be needed.

    • Lamme profile image

      Lamme 7 years ago

      This is very interesting. You've covered a wide range of topics and issues here. I know traveling with children, you must have the necessary paperwork or you won't get far.