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China travel tour 3 sanctuary film stock page

Updated on August 14, 2016

Film Raging Whore-big and famous film for China

In the Zhe Jiang, China, Raging Whore film is not only the largest Studios, most notably can not travel to China, but also be dubbed the Hollywood of the East. Is the context of the more than 1,000 movies and tv audience with the famous Vietnam as local heroes, Golden Armor, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ...

Raging Whore-page stock film attractions, explore the famous should come for when China travel
Raging Whore page stock film-attractions, explore the famous should come for when China travel
Coming to film Raging Whore, you not only witnessed the monumental architecture, and is the main foreign reproduce realistic Chinese history as the King, Thanh Minh Thuong HA Minh Thanh, the population, greater self, meditation Mind Bangkok, Guangzhou City , city of Hong Kong, The same fluid, the garden culture of Huaxia, aimed at Government action, ... but also was involved in the performing arts program, have fun-entertainment-shopping at amusement parks, cinemas, theatres, ... in the film market.

Each day, the raging Whore film welcome about more than 20 film crew to spin the context. And if you travel China tour, explore the famous page stock film for China between March and November, then know where you see Chinese actors are his favorite.

Wuxi film-romantic and beautiful film for China

In the city of Wuxi (Jiangsu, China), Wuxi film studios is a complex of ancient architecture has a total area of approximately 100ha, located on the shores of the vast Lake Tai pane. And is one of three film school, points to popular tourist attractions not to be missed when exploring China.

Film school Wuxi-China tourism attractions and discover the most beautiful Chinese school movie
Film school Wuxi-China tourism attractions and discover the most beautiful Chinese school movie
With the natural scenery along the love scene recreated in full, vivid and real-life leg of the Chinese feudal dynasties, each year the famous beautiful film should visit once when visiting, travel China welcomes more than 2,000,000 tourists and more than 20 crew.

Wuxi film studios have a film Center and 10 extra film according to the different themes such as the Park area of Hue, States Frost, many WWII, scenic Studio, Natural Atmosphere, Zhang, ... in which the 3 greatest context and in many ancient Chinese page movie Gulliver is the The three kingdoms, and the road. Still the most beautiful backdrop of Wuxi is the Mai staff, with more than 5000 original mai.

Travel Chinese admire the beauty of the old school movie love Useless page
Travel Chinese admire the beauty of the old school movie love Useless page
With an indoor medium position, medium mountains, Worthless film is top pick of so many ancient sites, movie film, television and abroad. The movie was filmed in Wuxi are the film as: of the three kingdoms, water margin, Emperor Ming, Wu ...

China travel experience and visit the fascinating page stock film, then you should come to the famous Wuxi film studios in the spring, to enjoy the romantic beauty here.

Dunhuang film-film stock page nicely for China

Unlike the two film stock page Chinese famous film school, Dunhuang was built to serve the film history of Dunhuang, cinematic projects of cooperation between the two large countries of Central-Japan later, because the context is too great and should mighty be requisitioned for the ancient Chinese page movie.

Dunhuang-film attractions, unique travel can't miss China self-sufficient
Dunhuang film-attractive destination unique, impossible to miss when traveling China self-sufficient
Located in the southwest of the city of Dunhuang, Gansu province, this is a great film for Western China. If Raging Whore, Helpless love flowers, the Dunhuang again made a strong impression on visitors by the austere, simple, even the harsh wind and sand.

China travel and discover the famous Dunhuang film, you will not only be visiting 5 urban context is the Eastern Emperor, Gaochang, Cam Chau, Hung Khanh and Wage measures taken, authentically recreated the life and customs of the people of Dunhuang feudal but also admire the unique architecture and High Desert caves as Gobi desert, with a semicircular, the last segment of the great wall.

In addition to the film about ancient Dunhuang town, there are over 20 films-foreign and domestic television was shot here, the most typical Battleship, the Dragon Sword, Vùa Kungfu. ...


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