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Choosing a Hotel

Updated on March 8, 2011

Picking a Hotel

When going out of town no one wants to stay at a roach motel if they can help it, but sometimes the cheaper hotels are the nastier ones... Right?


You can do the searching beforehand, and you can find the better hotels in your price range that you don't have to be scared to sleep or take a shower at.


I'm not necessarily a hotel snob, but I do want to stay at nice hotels when I go out of town. But, I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for just a night or two.

When searching for hotels, I like to think of myself as a smart shopper. I look for reviews and find the best prices.

It is rather simple, and it is something that you can do, too.

Choosing a Hotel

When choosing a hotel, I tend to check out first. I get a list of possibilities and go from there. Generally, I search the location in order to find a hotel nearest to where I'll be spending the bulk of my time, and then narrow down the search by price.

In some cases, I'll take the list to priceline and see if I can get better prices or call the hotels direct. In other cases, I can't help but to just buy immediately.

Recently, I found a 3 bedroom suite in Myrtle Beach on I called the hotel, to see if they had any better prices, which they didn't. I then went to the hotel's official website to see what was available there... Well, I found even better deals for the suite. For two days, the suite ended up being around $450, which is a lot for the time frame, but rather cheap for the size and quality of the room.

When picking out a nice hotel, no one really wants to spend a fortune to get a nice hotel, which is why it's important to research first. I always like to read the reviews on, as generally the reviews help narrow down my list drastically.

  • Had weird odor
  • Shower was dirty
  • Bed smelt funny

These are basic complaints, that if repeated throughout the different reviews help cross off cheap hotels from my list.

It is always a good idea to see what features and amenities the hotel provides. Free WiFi, continental breakfast, safe usage, indoor/outdoor pool, spa, gym, pets not/allowed, etc.

It never hurts to ask friends and family places that they may have stayed in the area where you are going. Recommendations never hurt. But, if all else fails, try to research before jumping on the cheapest price tag that you come across.


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