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Choosing a Mosquito Net for your Trip Abroad

Updated on December 5, 2010

One of the biggest challenges when traveling abroad, whether it be for a vacation, work or volunteering in a foreign country, is to keep from contracting infectious diseases carried by insects. In fact, staying healthy and alive may well depend upon the type of mosquito net you choose for your trip.

While malaria may be the most well-known disease carried by mosquitoes, other illnesses, such as yellow fever, West Nile Virus, chikungunya, encephalitis and dengue fever are also life threatening. These diseases seem to be on the rise in the twenty-first century as we deal with climate changes such as global warming.

Mosquito net comes in varying sizes and shapes

There are many different types of mosquito nets which you can use for protection from insects. Nets can come in different shapes and can be worn on your person or hung on your shelter. One of the best protective mosquito nets comes in the form of the SansBug tent. Normally, mosquito netting requires one or more hanging points from which you can suspend it. However the SansBug tent is free-standing. It pops up in a second as soon as you remove the elastic strap, providing you with instant refuge from mosquitoes and other bugs.

Compare a regular mosquito net and a SansBug tent

A SansBug tent eliminates the inconvenience of putting up a mosquito net. You won’t need to hunt for a spot and climb up to suspend your net nor will you need to spend time joining poles to erect a tent. All you need to do is slide an elastic strap and the tent pops up into shape!

Regular mosquito nets also need to be tucked in under your bedding and this may potentially allow critters to enter if not done properly or if the netting becomes dislodged in the middle of the night. The SansBug tent has a sewn in groundsheet which provides complete protection from both flying and crawling bugs.

Furthermore, the SansBug tent folds into a slim disc in a few seconds. Unlike a regular mosquito netting or tent which can be a pain to take down and put up every night, the SansBug tent can be easily stored away after each use rather than taking up valuable space.

Protect babies and children

You will be safe in your own little room in a SansBug tent. They are especially useful for children and babies. With baby safely enclosed in a SansBug, sleep, play or meals are suddenly bug-free.

At a mere two and a half pounds, the SansBug 1-person tent is light enough to carry anywhere. Plus, it folds into a 26-inch disc which fits perfectly in the overhead compartment of an airplane. Take one or more with you the next time you travel abroad. It is low-cost and out performs all types of mosquito netting. You even have a choice of three sizes!


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