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Christmas Eve in New York City

Updated on December 27, 2011

Our visit to NYC at Christmas

Christmas Spectacular

Christmas Eve was extra special this year because I was given a special gift from a friend and colleague at work. I have never had the experience of seeing the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show featuring the Rockettes before and when I was given a gift of 4 tickets for the 2 pm show on Christmas Eve I was so appreciative and grateful. It was exciting that we would have the opportunity as a family to go see the show and walk around the city at a very special time of year. Christmas in New York is a wonderful time and when we can be a part of it, it makes it all the more special. Matty was all excited when I told him we would travel to New York City by train and take a taxi to Radio City Music Hall the day before Christmas. I too felt like a kid having this very special opportunity that I had always dreamed of.

The excitement of walking into Radio City Music Hall and seeing the beautifully decorated ceiling and walls as we walked towards the stairways was special. We went to the concessions to buy some treats before we went upstairs to the balcony to see the show. I must admit I felt like a kid going to see the show and I was happy Matty was getting such a wonderful opportunity. The Christmas Spectacular is a must to see at Christmastime and what better day to see it than Christmas Eve! Grandma was also very excited to see the show. Maria was working and could not change her schedule so we brought a friend with us and he was more than happy to come with us to see the show.

It was nice to be in this beautiful and historic place and as we took our seats in anticipation of the show I felt happy to be a part of it and to share it with Matty, Grandma and my friend, Jeff. I wish Maria was able to come but was glad we were able to have Jeff join us. As the curtains opened up and the show started we were in for a special treat as we were entertained by the Rockettes who really are wonderful to see. They are beautiful as they dance in such precision and with such grace and beauty.

Santa Claus presented the Rockettes in the opening of the show as they danced their way into our hearts and then Santa and his reindeer took us on a magical 3D sleigh ride throughout New York City as we sat back and watched on the screen. It was an amazing experience and I could see my son smiling and enjoying the show and Grandma laughing and having a good time as I was thinking of my friend who made the magic of this day possible. The show was divided into acts and we were amazed by the performances of the Rockettes, Santa Claus, A little girl with a Christmas wish, A mother and her daughter seeking a special gift, Christmas classics featuring the 12 days of Christmas performed by the Rockettes, A magical bus tour of New York City with the Rockettes, The classic and all time holiday favorite, The March of the wooden soldiers performed by the Rockettes in a truly magical performance and a magical 3D experience involving a little girl, her mother, Santa Claus, the Rockettes and a fun ride through a video game sequence that teaches us the importance of family, time and the real meaning of Christmas.

The show features so much Christmas cheer and the performances are beautiful. I was touched by the young kid performances and the dancing of a little girl who charmed us all as she danced with all her toys in her fantasy. This show really made me appreciate the innocence and the joy of Christmas and it is one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever been given and it allowed me to share it with my son and family which made it all the more special. I also was delighted to see the Rockettes for the first time in my life. I always wanted to see them but never got around to it so when we had the opportunity I jumped at the chance and it was truly magical seeing such beauty on the stage and the magic they bring to children of all ages. We had the good fortune of seeing two wonderful Christmas shows in the span of a week. Last week we saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Nassau Coliseum which we have seen for the past 4 years now and we got to finally see the Rockettes in the Christmas Spectacular in New York City. It was truly wonderful and we will need to add that to our Christmas wish list each year too.

As the show came to an end and all the performers took their bows gracefully we all cheered and were so happy to experience the magic. When the Rockettes came out to acknowledge the crowd we all stood and applauded. My son had a wonderful time and we all walked out of the theatre with smiles on our faces and memories that will last a lifetime. I hope next year Maria will get to experience the magic with us. After we left the world famous Radio City Music Hall we went to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree and took some family pictures,enjoying the moment and the magic. We were caught in the crowds and found it necessary to hold hands so we would not lose each other. We wanted to enjoy as much of the city as we could on Christmas Eve and since we were near St. Patrick's Cathedral we decided to spend a little time in the church to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus. It was nice to sit in the church and admire the beauty and be a part of the Christmas festivities. I knew I would be attending midnight mass at home later on so I felt it was a must to stop at St. Patrick's Cathedral. As it was getting late we decided we would head back to Penn Station, get something to eat and catch our train for home.

We walked back and had to keep an eye on grandma to make sure she was ok for the walk back to Penn Station. When we arrived we checked the schedule and found we had some time to eat so we stopped, ate and then waited for the track information. As we boarded the train and took our seat I asked Matty if he had a good time and he smiled, looked at me and said Dad, "This was a very special day because we got to hang out together and see a fun show and do some fun things all before Christmas and that is just the beginning because Santa is coming tonight and I can't wait!"

It was a very special day and it was one of the best Christmas Eve celebrations I remember and it was nice to see Matty having such a wonderful day with grandma and me. A special thanks goes out to my friend and work colleague for making it all possible.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Christmas in NYC

Radio City Christmas Spectacular


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