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Christmas & The New Year

Updated on September 20, 2011

Onalaska, Camine and Port O'Connor TX

We stayed at Northshore RV Resort on Lake Livingston in Onalsaska, TX during the Christmas Holidays through the New Year and due to weather conditions until mid January of 2011.  We enjoyed potluck suppers at the clubhouse, New Year's fireworks and good neighbors.  While there, I was able to take care of all my vehicle registrations, insurance duties and obtain a new driver's license for the state of Texas.  I was now a Texan. 

There are dozens of organizations catering to the RVer.  Escapees was one of the first I joined because of their good mail forwarding services.  Additonally, they offer guidelines that will enable getting all paperwork and inspections to become a Texan much easier.

Weather had ranged from cold, wet and windy to warm and balmy.  The Hurricane only had propane heat and the onboard 15 gallon tank was a pain to refill.  Although the park had a propane filling station, I had to stow loose items, retract the levelers and unplug the shore cord to drive to the station to refill the tanks.  I found it much easier to purchase a couple small space heaters at the local Walmart to keep the motor home at a comfortable 67 degrees.

Upon departure from Onalaska, we stayed in Carmine for two nights then headed to our winter destination at Beacon 44 RV Park in Port O' Connor, a small town alongside Matagorda Bay.  This Gulf Coast community is known for excellent sport fishing.  The monthly rate was $225 plus electricity. 

The moment I pulled into the park I knew I would like spending my winter there.  It was a privately owned, neatly maintained park with gravel roads and sites.  Most of the sites were back-in and the owner/hosts were willing to aid set up any way that was needed.  A small pond was in the center of the park surrounded by benches and nice plantings.  A fish cleaning station with lights and water was supplied, as well.  The local cable featured 70+ channels and it along with WiFi was included in the monthly rate.

With only 45 or so sites and many having been used to store units until better weather, the hosts were able to provide much more personal service to their current clientele.  Several times a week there was a potluck supper in the community room.  Although guests were encouraged to contribute food items, there usually was plenty to eat.  The owners of the park also had their own commercial shrimp boat and ran a local seafood market.  Along with the many Sheepsheads caught throughout the week, many of the potlucks included lots of shrimp and other seafood. 

While at Beacon 44, my kitchen faucet sprang a leak.  Conveniently, the owners' son ran an RV repair service and brought me a new, upgraded faucet to fix my duct-taped repair.  He also took it upon himself to submit necessary documentation for the warranty and after I had left the park, I received a check to cover those repairs.  That is good service from any company and all hats off to this hard working twenty something entrepreneur.

Charlie and I enjoyed Port O'Connor for a couple of months until the day after St. Patrick's Day when we once again hit the road and headed to Georgetown, TX near Austin.

Beacon 44 RV Park
Beacon 44 RV Park


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