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Chronicles of an International Dreamer- Food in Argentina

Updated on October 26, 2015

Fun in Plaza Serrano

The Sign leading to the opening block of Plaza Serrano where all the hype at night occurs
The Sign leading to the opening block of Plaza Serrano where all the hype at night occurs | Source
Outside Madagascar may not look like much, but its worth the experience.
Outside Madagascar may not look like much, but its worth the experience. | Source
The Brahma Beer (another Argentine favorite other than Quilmes) was cheaper than the small Coca-Cola sitting beside it. Which would you choose?
The Brahma Beer (another Argentine favorite other than Quilmes) was cheaper than the small Coca-Cola sitting beside it. Which would you choose? | Source

Food in Argentina- Means Culture

Argentina is a vast country full of delicious foods and spirits. But ordering food can become adventurous when you do not speak the language. Argentine culture will mean sipping Yerba Mate (a bitter tea) during the day and drinking infamous Argentine wine at night.

When you go to a new country, you want to know what type of food you will eat, after all, this is your lifeline. Here are a few "behind the scene" tips when traveling Argentina. These tips are all personal first hand experiences from living and breathing Argentina for months

  1. Alcohol/Spirits: There is nothing better than a good Malbec, and luckily you are in Malbec country (trust me the Chronicles will find their way to wine country, Mendoza and walk you through good wine). You really can’t go wrong with a Malbec, which is a red wine (which pairs perfectly with the abundance of red meat you will be eating). But if you have to have a white wine, New Age is not bad at all. It is a white wine that is fruity and has an almost champagne feel. It is a nice light wine. Drinking is a culture in Argentina. Somehow, Argentinians can drink all night, wake up at 9 am the next morning do their jobs, and do it all over again. Luckily you are young when you are studying abroad, your body will bounce back, but don’t push too hard, there are still grades.
  2. A good, cheaper beer is Quilmes. This comes with a silver and blue label. This beer is actually cheaper than a bottle of water at a restaurant. For a liter bottle get ready to pay about $5,80 ARS. There is also the comparable Brahma.
  3. Don’t miss out on the Pub Crawls. There are so many pubs side by side, you can meet a lot of colorful folks. Many students from your program may get together and make their own pub crawl too. I participated in a St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl. In fact, these pub crawls, where you have tickets to have a drink in each bar, have websites where they provide pictures and video to know exactly what may have happened the night before.
  4. An interesting part of town, known greatly for its nightlife is Plaza Serrano. An interesting bar to visit here is Madagascar. They serve some great “muzarella” pizza. However, if you don’t like olives, just pick them off; don’t upset a waiter over being overly picky. The cool thing about this bar is at 1:00 am get ready for the bar and restaurant to turn into a dance floor and to party all night.
  5. If you are a Margarita drinker, the best margaritas in town are found at Porte Zuelo. This bar is a lounge bar and full of music dj’d and live. Check out all of their current information at
  6. Argentinian culture of eating: Eating is a culture within itself in Argentina. Dinner does not start until 8pm or 9pm. And it can last 3 hours. If you go to a restaurant, do not get anxious that a waiter does not greet you immediately. In fact, you will wait quite a while for the waiter. Then again for the food. Then again for the check. Then again for them to take the check. Make sure to pay in cash. Providing your debit/credit card can be a way to be defrauded. Waiters do not expect tips, so don't feel obligated to leave a large tip
  7. Personal food experiences and great restaurants to go to: In the heart of Buenos Aires right off of Carlos Pellegrini. If you turn right onto Carlos Pellegrini from Av. Santa Fe go about a block and turn right onto Marcelo T. de Alvear and you will find a great little hole in the wall restaurant (with delivery) that offers sushi and really affordable noodle meals and Asian fusion cuisine daily. There is a dish known as papas bravas which is a Tabasco, mayonnaise, and potato dish. PLEASE TRY THIS. They at located at M.T. de Alvear 997 (Retiro) with a telephone number of and you can even find them online for their most up to date information at
  8. A great café to stop at in the morning (that actually gives to go coffees, is a similar manner of Starbucks) is Café Martinez,which is a chain found through Argentina. The coffee is good, the medi-lunas (croissants with honey glaze) are great, and make sure to eat the alfahores (a cookie/shortbread dipped in chocolate that is a staple in any Argentine’s diet.
  9. Miscellaneous:
  • If you want a paper you will understand, get the Buenos Aries Herald. It was founded in 1876 and has some solid information about what is going on each day, and almost a direct translation of other newspapers. It also does not hold back like American media with graphic photos.
  • If you need books in ENGLISH, Nadir Libros- Jugetes will be the place to find them. They have many locations. They are located in Belgrano, Caballito, Consitutcion, Mataderos, Once, Villa Crespo, and Villa Del Parque. Their addresses are located on their website
  • Eat the Gelato and eat the ice cream. I swear it is the milk from the cows that they feed with better grass that makes this stuff so amazing in Argentina. De Si de Rio is a great café found on Santa Fe 801 in Buenos Aires. If you want delivery the number is 4312-1954.
  • Crave great chocolate while in Buenos Aires? Go to Bombonella. It is located at Av. Corrientes 1479, Buenos Aires, AR. Telephone: (011) 4371-0633. I got chocolate from my host mother for my birthday from here and I did not want it to stop. They are a true chocolate factory, where I had not had better chocolate since Switzerland.
  • A great brand of water to buy is Villavicencio (sin gas). It is so cold and refreshing you will feel like it just trickled down the Andes from the melted snow and purified itself to go straight into your body.

Ambiente Wok- A Map to follow the directions

A markermarcelo t. de Alvear 997 -
Marcelo T. de Alvear 997, Buenos Aires, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
get directions

Ambiente Wok- Best Sushi in the City

Food? Alcohol?

What would you most want to try while in Argentina?

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