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Chua Chan - Travel tips

Updated on April 10, 2016
Chua Chan mountain is the second highest mountain in Vietnam ( after Ba Den Mountain - Xining ) with 837m altitude compared to sea level , the slope of 30-35 degrees , sometimes as steep . This is a charming landscape , unique in Dong Nai and rare in the South . An arc -shaped mountain three consecutive hill -shaped bowl . The majestic mountains , towering ; in the morning , mountain, blue sunlight dazzling light of the sun ; Mountain sunset tall white murky gray sky ; October misty mountain in fog with white clouds hovered ribbons flying , covered the mountains to embrace .
Road to Mount Chua Chan

From the city of Bien Hoa , travelers along Highway 1A ( direction Hanoi ) about 70km to fork Mr. Don , turn under the Provincial Road 766 northeast of approximately 2 km , look left see table Historic Site - Chua Chan mountain landscapes , turn to plastic is about 3.5 km to the foothills .
- From HCMC , Hanoi Highway go straight to Vung Tau to Nga 3 ( Big C supermarket site has huge sign language project corner ) .

Chua Chan Mountain landscape Nui Chua Chan mountain is not like any other beautiful , but it carries a pristine looks . On July every year , mountains are welcome thousands of visitors from all over flock to the Buddhist incense offering ceremony , making the steaming mountain of flavor and bustled up . Those who do not go offering incense , the feeling here try to conquer the 2nd highest mountain in the south of this . Winding road up the mountain , narrow , with a lot of overgrown trees green , each stone stairs are lined up , but headline -term challenge climbers .

Natural landscape Chua Chan mountain with many beautiful and attractive year-round fresh stream hidden under the vast forests, water never runs out; halfway up the mountain there are "wells Korea" along with monuments created by man as Buu Quang, Lam Son Pagoda, Linh Son Pagoda, the French resort of full power, the tea garden of King Bao Dai ... constitute a community of unique landscapes in the South East. Especially this place is also famous "three original skin a flame tree", Mat Tunnel Park Pictures and the natural rocks identical message same message, mixed together to form a magnificent stone walls and caves formed by the arrangement of the large rocks inside the mountain background. In the heart of the caves with small streams flowing water throughout the year, from ancient times there were many Zen masters chosen to meditate, to still vestiges.

From the height of 800m , panoramic view of the distant visitors can admire the charming natural landscape , and his heart will feel relaxed after very arduous journey strenuous slopes .

It is a tourist destination extremely attractive to domestic and foreign tourists . Visitors to the scenic Mount Chua Chan is looking for the quietness , enjoy the beauty , freshness of nature , visit the temple to hearts at peace, pray for peace ; to understand , proud and appreciate more the traditional values ​​of the people in particular and Eastern people of Vietnam in general .

- Next run straight towards Dong Nai Ho Nai 3 Nga and fell 3 Tri An ( Road turn away Tri An hydropower ) .      - Direct access to the slopes Me Bong Con ( Se Tre resort ) = > Long Khanh town .      - You keep asking the way to Fall 3 3 Long Khanh Tan Phong Nga then .     - By Tan Phong Nga 3 , you can ask for directions to the Falls 3 or directly to Mr. Don Chua Chan is already!


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