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Chueca - The new trendy Madrid

Updated on October 10, 2010

One late morning throughout the week in the Chueca district it’s still quiet.  The restaurants and bars are still hidden behind steel shutters with graffiti and cloths stores just opened their doors. The only sound in the narrow street, is the honking of horns. It is obvious that this most of them went to bed late last.

Chueca is, that’s been said,  one of the trendiest districts in Madrid of this time. The area is bounded by the Grand Via, Paseo de Recoletos and Fuencarral. A short tour of this area shows that the field of architecture is much more modest than the other districts of Madrid. The area has a dark past of prostitution, crime and drugs. Respectable residents of Madrid didn’t want to come in this area before. Until the area was adopted by the gay community and a huge transformation began. Nowadays the trendy, gay-friendly and somewhat Bohemian atmosphere of Chueca attracts many people. It has become a place where people buy clothes for club parties and there is a lively entertainment district with many restaurants and bars.

In the main shopping district, the Fuencarral, you will find the big international brands like Diesel, Replay and Gas located next to each other. Anyone looking for example, the latest fashion in jeans in Madrid, doesn’t have to look further. In Augusto Figueroa you can  buy enough trendy shoes. Besides the more familiar shoe shops there are many outlet stores and shops that sell cheap shoes in only certain sizes. I recommend Isolée, a stylish snow-white room with a bar and a champagne bar serving a fine selection of food and clothing is provided.

The true power of Chueca is in the range of distinctive boutiques and shops where young fashion alternative is offered. The clothing more pronounced and colorful then elsewhere in Madrid. A place in this context should certainly not be forgotten is Fuencarral Mercado. Here you will find three floors of boutiques creations of young designers are sold.

By evening, people gather at the Plaza de Chueca, the heart of the neighborhood. There are small restaurants and tapas bars, but also the oldest Cerveceria of the city.


At the Plaza del Rey alongside the Ministry of Culture, some very strange buildings are standing there that you really just need to see. Especially Casa de las Siete Chimeneas (the house with seven chimneys) is striking. The story goes that there is a ghost in this building. The ghost is the spirit of the mistress of King Philip II. The story also tells that one day the mistress mysteriously disappeared.


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