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Churches of Argentina

Updated on February 14, 2012

Argentina has a tremendous historical association with the Catholic Church. There are many fabulous cathedrals and church monuments built all over Argentina which shows the cultural devotion they have with the Roman Catholic Church. Argentina has a rich history with the Catholic Church which can be seen specifically in a couple of magnificent cathedrals in, downtown Buenos Aires.

St johns
St johns
Baslica de Nuestra
Baslica de Nuestra

The first church in this area is called St John’s Anglican this church became one of Argentines first national Historical monuments. This church was originally the first of several when Buenos Aries was first founded by the British in the early 1800s. The governor of the British site donated the land to the church to be built upon.

The church was built in the original neoclassical style of the time. The interior is impressively built with magnificent attention to detail in every cut and hold. The large stain glass windows cover the east and west sides of the church and are illuminated at night which bring in a soft, warm glow. The church still plays the original organ at mass every Sunday. The organ has 23 large pipes and 43 mid to smaller sizes and takes up a grand space along the northern front wall. The pews in the church are still in the original classical style of the early 18th century. When people would bring their canes or umbrellas and set them aside in the holder along the side. When wet, they would drip into a white marble tray, to prevent water damage to the floor or the benches. In 1869, the roman bishop to Argentina declared that the church was to be considered cathedral status. And soon after became one of Buenos Aires national historical monuments.

The second stop that is a must for historical buffs is in the same area around the corner another magnificent church. Called the Basílica de Nuestra, Señora de la Merced, is the patron saint of this church. The church was originally brought here by the Spaniards when they colonized Argentine. The Basílica de Nuestra, is a little older and was built during the early 1700s. It was originally made up of the earth using the available materials that were in the area at first. But, over the years it became built upon and built upon and is the magnificent historical structure it is today. Pope Benedict the XV came to visit this church in the early 1900s and after his visit declared it a basilica minor.

The church it is not as colorful inside as the St John ’s cathedral, but it has its own historic personality of its own. The walls and ceilings are covered in a substance called frescos, and the alter, is a red and rococo style alter. When we were last down there, they were restoring the ceiling to the original they have probably come far or have finished the restoration by now. It also has the stained glass windows on the east and west sides of the church as you enter. One of them is the famous portion of the bible where Jesus is handing the keys of the kingdom over to peter. Also in one window is the Ascension of Mary. Another window depicts a beggar and continues on as you walk through the structure. Each stained windows is another beautiful story depicted from the bible. The patron saint of Argentina is also a regularly depicted in many churches throughout Argentina as its patron saint.

These churches represent the soul of Argentina and are prime attractions to many tourist. So if, you are in the area of Buenos Aires then stop by any of these impressive historical locations.


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