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Chapter 1: Cigar park

Updated on July 11, 2008

The story happened in Shanghai. At the time, I lived with my parents after I finished my college. Five years have passed, I can still feel the depression and aimless, a kind of extreme down-and-out feeling.

I woke up early every morning by the noises outside, of which are paddlers shouting, motor engine roaring. Actually the whole Shanghai just likes a gigantic machine, whose huge engine has never stop humming, even in dream you can feel the vibrating wave.

That summer in Shanghai was so hot, mosquitoes hummed around and took any chance to bite you, I was always scrachy and itchy here and there, and lighted up a coil of mosquitoes-repellent incense before I lied down to sleep.

I walked up along the Heavenly Key Bridge Road, cross many traffic lights, headed to the Cigar Square, then to the newly opened Cigar Park. I bought an egg-pancake roll, and a bag of soybean milk from a roadside cart. It was the rush hour, many people were eating breakfast on the way. They rushed to an approaching bus, squeezed up to the door, with their rice ball and a bag of soybean milk in hand, or a crispy pancake with fried stick.

This Cigar Park was built on the site of the former Rubber Factory, and the China Phonograph Factory, it has a good design, and beautifully built. The rubber factory was shut down due to bad economy efficiency, and the heavy pollution, but the big chimney was kept and redecorated as a memento sculpture on the original place. It's good to move away the Rubber Factory from downtown to suburb or some remote area,

Some old people are playing Taiji, they performed variety actions along to the music near the artificial lake. Sometime the warden may turn on the artificial spring and waterfall, which was only beautiful scenery part in this park.

Strolling on the Hen Mountain Road, I could feel the warmth of the morning sunshine kissing my cheeks. Hands in trouser pocket, putting on air of pondering of a lonely walker, I walked among the busy people, crossed the traffic lights, ignored the lollipop man's whistles and hand signs. I was totally on my own, absolutely alone, I was walking in a wild uninhabited desert without any living creature. Am I sleepwalking? Are all those moving objects only some shadows or ghosts? I don't care, the world has nothing to do with me!

There are beautiful flowers and trees alongside the road. I don't know their names. Beside the evergreen tree fence on the pavement, we could see multifarious figures made of flowers, such as butterflies, swans, etc.

I seated myself comfortably on a bench under a palm tree in the park, watching people walking hastily to and fro. All of them wear clean and beautiful clothes, having a satisfactory countenance on the face. But sometimes one or two lonely strolled young men passing by, gazing around, as if they are hungry animal looking for food. Their eyes will fix on the talkative young and beautiful ladies. Suddenly I feel a rumble of stomach, fortunately there is a Toilet near the Road, so I rushed to the Toilet.

(to be continued......)


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