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Circus Courses, Training Workshops, Tours, Location Guides for Australia

Updated on October 21, 2016
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Join in the fun of New Circuses in Australia, not the old style ones with animal performances, dancing horses parading elephants and whip-cracking lion tamers, but the new ones featuring acrobats, clowns and modern performances. This new style was pioneered by the word-renowned Flying Fruit Fly Circus and the equally famous Circus Oz have spearheaded a new style of circus which has made a rich and fun-filled contribution to culture and entertainment in Australia.

Now you can learn some of the skills at one many fantastic Circus skills training courses and Circus skills right around Australia at some famous location such as Byron Bay, Sydney, Brisbane and Margaret River, better know as a famous wine region.

The world renowned Byron Bay Circus Arts is a modern Circus School and entertainment centre at Byron Bay with first-class equipment, including a wonderful full-size, completely enclosed, indoor flying trapeze. It offers participants to develop their natural skills, refine them or just have fun.


Learn Circus Skills on Your next Trip to Australia

At Byron Bay Circus School visitors can get tuition in the aerial acrobatics of Spanish Web, the Straps and Silks or the flying, double, single or swinging trapeze. Byron Circus Arts also offers tuition in juggling, tumbling, unicycle lessons and many other activities on the ground.

Various other circus schools around Australia offer bungee-trampoline, trapeze, diablos, juggle balls, acrobatics, Fire Twirling, juggling, acro-balance, hula hoops, devil-sticks and lots more! You can enjoy a short introductory lesson or sign-up for 2 or more days and experience the circus life with you and your friends. Professional course of up to 8 weeks are also available at some locations. Workshop Packages are available that include accommodation. meals and other activities in stunning locations.

The Western Australia Circus Festival is held every year in the Margaret River area in Western Australia. The large Lunar Circus site, located at in Karridale, provided children, adults and future circus artists from Australia and overseas to learn new skills, be thrilled and amazed, have lot so fun with their friends.

Circus Encounter, located close to Brisbane in Queensland has a Juggling School, Acrobatics workshops, Bungee-trampoline and a complete flying–trapeze workshop. They teach Juggling with diablos, balls, devil sticks, clubs and plate-spinning.

The National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) is the centre of excellence for contemporary circus in Australia, where students can undertake a three-year Bachelor of Circus Degree.

There are many other locations for trying out your Circus skills and learning to be a Circus artist.

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