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5 Tips on Peaking this Week and Weekend

Updated on March 1, 2015

Why the Struggle is Real

Being confined in a 6x6 cube 40 hours a week will make a suppressed soul ponder an escape to freedom. Even Eugene from IT searches for a bottomless strip club happy hour party once in a while. He needs a little truffle butter in his life. Damn Eugene. Why? Because repetition implies a tamed spirit. Now don't get me wrong; there's 'good' repetition' and 'bad' repetition -- here's the difference.

Good repetition means consistent sleeping habits, a healthy diet, dependable work ethic, and many more unfailing patterns. Bad repetition involves just going with the motion, lifeless mannerisms, and spinning the infinite hamster wheel chasing a moldy block of Kraft cheddar cheese found in the back of an old lady's fridge in an episode of Hoarders on TLC.

The struggle lies within work and play. You work hard, you play hard. Crush some work docs, close a sale then you keep the ball rolling. Have a line or two and motorboat a pair of butt cheeks to congratulate yourself.

A cubicle lifestyle can instill the humdrum tone of dull insanity in anyone. It will get worse if it's not addressed with an outlet. Sir Isaac Newton's first law of motion exclaims an object at rest will stay at rest. An external force is required to move the object at rest. That guy was also a virgin. No seriously, look it up. This external force is desire.

The hunger for adventure is sufficed by the Weekend Warrior hunting desire.


5 Tips on How to Work Hard and Peak Every Weekend

Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day with 'Weekly Tasks' from your boss becomes stodgy after 11:43 A.M. Monday morning. I'd rather attend a 3rd grade musical recital than do my work sometimes. Remember that dreaded recorder? I can fart more melodically than the way that 'instrument' exerts air. Anyway, here are 5 tips to rid the dull feeling of working in a cubicle.

  1. Set your own personal work goals and weekend goals. Setting your own personal work goals will provide better motivation at your desk. Along with re-drafting that project plan, get a little extra done for yourself. Whether it be creating a marco in excel to make work-life easier, or networking with the Associate who (for some reason) always wears the same tie, make a personal goal to meet and you'll feel more obligated to celebrate with a bottle of booze and a half naked piece of ace.
  2. Do all your work errands from Monday-Thursday. Dragging out errands can kill a weekend and your mood. Finish all your futile tasks between Monday and Thursday so you feel accomplished and deserving of a party-filled weekend.
  3. Look up the hot spots coming up Friday and Saturday and get hyped! When you have a prodigious night coming up, it gets you amped for a bolstering time. Having a pre-set plan really gets the weekend boner juices flowing. Just type in google what you want to do or top weekend events (enter city name). You're bound to find something dope.
  4. Don't listen to the nay-sayers. Screw the haters. Let them catch up on Mike and Molly repeats while you're cutting some serious rug and lines of candy.
  5. Work Hard. That's it. Nothing boosts your confidence and mentality like getting everything done the right way. Working hard is more than half the battle of a 'peaking' weekend. Accomplish something difficult and you'll feel on top of the world this friday.

Bonus Tip: Impulse decisions make weekends better.

Video of the Week

So there you have it everyone. Work Hard and Play Hard. Stay tuned for my next article on the recipe for a 10/10 Saturday.

Here's a video to take you into the week.



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