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Climate Change Wildfires California

Updated on September 3, 2009

Go Highway one to Monterrey.

While working in my darkened study by the gleam of one small lamp today, I realized that for most of three hours sitting at my computer I had achieved exactly three hours of cat naps and knocked over a cold drink onto some papers that were already dry from the morning's heat.

This wasn't like me. My schedule calls me to work from 5:30AM Listening and watching Bloomberg news while simultaneously trying to make a nickle on the stock market. the night before I had barely snatched three hours sleep. It's just two miserable from the heat, the stench of the still burning wildfires, and the mosquitoes, which as far as i was concerned are flying Kamikazes loaded with west Nile Virus and HIV. Sure enough, one had nailed me in the night and left me with a goodly sized raised welt which set off a new spell of brooding to begin my day.

Even with the tiny air conditioner blowing all day, along with a fan to circulate the air, the old brass ship thermometer was steady on the peg that red 87 degrees. the barometer which never fails is stuck at fair and sunny(no gauge for smoke and wildfires). three year drought meant that there would be little precipitation on the way to quench the fires which were burning out of control, threatening the very laboratory that housed the Hubble Telescope that had allowed us a magnificent view of the stars and the universe.

By any measure, Calfornia is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. It has some of the most extraordinary bio-diversity on the planet. Most of the state is available to see by automobile, boat, and helicopter. It has some beaches which it is well known for and flora and fauna in copious amounts that will take your breath away. .Not far inland are mountains and hiking trails, splendid viesws of other mountains, valleys, rivers, and of course, the Pacific Ocean.

Famously, the drive on Highway 1 from Los Angeles to Monterey(california's first capitol) will remind you of remote places in Scotland and Ireland. The road even in summer is lightly traveled, I suppose the majority of vacationers travel the mighty freeways to the east which have slight view but speed you to your quaint motel room in Carmel, just South of Monterey in a third of the time.

Speed, however , is not our goal, as our car snakes through the passes and climbs up the endless hills with the ocean to the left about 200 feet below and soaring cliffs to the right, the only way around the next curve. The only sign of civilization will be Big Sur, about 70 miles south of Monterey, which is about 250 miles from Los angeles.

Big Sur is a hamlet nestled among some of the wildest country imaginable. It is an amalgamation of ocean, huge trees, and mountain retreat homes of log and stone fireplace. Streams meander unmolested by time or dredge.There is an inn, if it's still there. Most folks are anxious to get on to Monterrey, the kids are bored.

The last 70 miles or so to Monterrey are nothing short of spectactular. Bridges built by man intersect with nature to form a synergism that gives one the illusion of flight. Stomach meets with chin as the will to resist is cast away and the driver accelerates to dizzying speeds. No longer bored, the kids scream in delight and beg for more.

Once a sleepy fishing community founded by Italian and Portguese, Monterrey is no longer home to the huge catches that brought prosperity to the peninsula through its fish processing and canning factories made famous by William Faulkner in "Cannery Row."

Now there is an aquariam and marine refuge afifliated with the college. Former colonial Mexican Government offices may be seen right on Main Street.

there are traditional ethnic restaurants that offer ample and reasonable food, with many local aspiring bands to entertain in the evening. you can visit the former army base at Fort Ord, and the now private language school. Carmel Valley and Arroya Seca are nearby. San Francisco is only about 100 miles to the north.

If this is your first visit to California, or you are back to see more of the wonders of the state, the drive from Los Angeles to Monterrey is an unforgettable place to start and one that you will always remember.

Any timethe author feels over worked or down, or just in need of a place to get away, his first choice is always Monterrey.  re3latively unaffected by traffic and problems of big cities, Monterrey is a haven from the problems of the modern world. 


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