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Clothing Optional Gay Vacation Destinations

Updated on June 29, 2010

Gay Clothing Optional Vactions in the USA

Sometimes you just want to relax and have fun, sometimes you want a family atmosphere on your vacations and sometimes you want only adults. Sometimes its fun to get away with your friends and other times you want romance or frivolity while you're still single. The thing is that you don't always know where you can go to have a fun and frivolous or erotic and exotic time. Because of this I wanted to share with you all my top choices for a fun and adventurous clothing optional gay vacation.

Now, before I get started on this review of top clothing optional gay hotels and vacations, I want to start off and say that just because a hotel or vacation spot is clothing optional does not mean that it is for hookups, about intercourse or for perverts. Sometimes its just fun to tan and not get tan lines and to be honest, most of the hotels will kick you out if they find you engaging in indecent acts in public or public view. With that said, if your goal is to meet some people for a good time, you can usually find that as well, but you don't need the clothing optional hotel for that anyways. So here are my top picks for clothing optional gay hotels and vacation spots in the USA. You can book these hotels and more on my favorite hotel booking site,

The Blue Moon Resort in Fabulous Las Vegas!

The Blue Moon Resort is in one of my very favorite cities in the world, Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is the home to amazing shows and broadway stars, gambling and glamour and tourist traps everywhere. The strip can be overwhelming which is why I decided to stay at the Blue Moon Resort for the first time back in 2005. Not only was it off the strip but the hospitality is amazing, they can arrange car service or have taxis pick you up. This Men's only clothing optional hotel is also the only Gay Owned and Gay Operated Gay Friendly hotel in Las Vegas. It is a motel styled hotel but the rooms are pretty nice. I always stay in one of the suites. The beds are comfortable and the bathrooms are huge. They even leave you hangover chaser pills in the bathrooms to help you after a long night of fun out int he Casinos. The Blue Moon Resort is a mecca for gay men and there is always someone there to talk to. The guests are friendly and range in all ages from 20 year old twinks to 40 and 50 year old bears. The people are friendly and if you are alone in Vegas, the Blue Moon Resort is the perfect place to meet a clubbing buddy, a friend to hit a show with or even just someone to hang out with a glass of wine with under the waterfall over the private pool. The Blue Moon Resort is the Only Gay Hotel and Gay Clothing Optional Hotel in Las Vegas and I highly recommend it. I stay there often and am going again in a couple months. If you see me there don't be afraid to say won't end up on this hub. =0).

The Woods Campgrounds in Pennsylvania.

Ok, normally camping wouldn't ever be on my list of things to do, especially for a vacation. The thing is though that a few of my friends tricked me into going camping by calling it glamping and brought me to a place called The Woods Campgrounds in Pennsylvania. The Woods Campgrounds is a gay and lesbian clothing optional campground in the heart of the mountains. They feature a different theme each weekend in the summer and have camp ground space, cabin and trailer rentals so depending on how close to nature you want to get you can choose how you want to sleep. I prefer cabins or luxury trailers.

I actually felt awkward being around both men and women by the pool when everyone was naked but after I got over my concerns and issues I had a great time. I sang karaoke, made some friends and even relaxed on a paddle boat in the lake. The Woods campgrounds in Pennsylvania actually shocked me and I had a great time. The woods attracts everyone of all ages and even some celebrities. It is definitely worth checking out if you want to have a vacation away from major cities, that is affordable and also can be a lot fun.

The Shore Inn Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

The Shore Inn in Rehoboth Beach is actually kind of fun. The beds are not very comfortable and the hotel is an old motel, but for Rehoboth standards it is actually pretty nice. The owners Rick and Ed are very strict about bringing guests home but to be honest, the guests that are there are all the people you'll need at the hotel and you can always head back to other people's hotels if you want some alone time.

The Shore Inn features two hotubs, a huge one on the lower deck and a smaller one on the upper deck. A few suites and regular rooms for other people. Walking distance from The Double L and even from the main gay areas of Rehoboth, it is a safe bet if you want a gay owned and operated clothing optional hotel in Rehoboth Beach.

Island House, Key West, Florida.

The Island House is a clothing optional gay mecca. It has a ton of rooms, tons of fun and a huge all male crowd. You may recognize it from certain movies and it also hosts many parties and events around the year. The Island house is probably one of the most well known gay clothing optional bed and breakfasts and also one of the most expensive. Expect to spend a lot of money to stay there but if you are looking for a good time and want to be reasonably close to the Key West nightlife, Island house is perfect for you.

Out of those four gay clothing optional vacation destinations you are sure to have a great time for your next getaway. Not only are they all unique and in different places, but each hotel or campground has their own list of events. Check out their sites and look for which ones sound good for you and then book your next stay at your new favorite clothing optional gay hotel or gay vacation spot. Thanks for reading and if you have a favorite clothing optional gay vacation or hotel, feel free to leave it here in the comments section.


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    • profile image

      RollerbladerDC 4 years ago

      I just got back from Key West and stayed at Pearls Guesthouse. It was mostly lesbians and was topless. The two clothing optional hotels I did enjoy in Key West were the New orleans house and also Island House, Both were men only and clothing optional. All three are worth going to depending on what you are looking for in Key West.

    • brimancandy profile image

      Brian 4 years ago from Northern Michigan

      I'm not really wild about any resort that is clothing optional. I did go to key west, and stayed at a hotel that was advertised as being all gay, but when we arrived it was full of senior citizens. The only thing gay about it, was walking out on the deck for sunset, and having to step over the topless lesbians. I actually found Key West, dirty and boring. I had a lot more fun in Orlando at the Parliment house, and in Fort Lauderdale.

      A local gay campground has a clothing optional area. It's called Campit, and is near Saugatuck, MI. Which is considered the San Francisco of the Midwest. But, the gay beach has since been turned into public land, so the area lost a lot of the gay dollar. But, it's still very busy in the summer.

    • profile image

      PaulColeman 6 years ago

      Spent a few days at the Blue Moon Resort last year. You are right this is a very good place to stay and meet other gay travelers. Great post.

    • profile image

      Pink Tulum 7 years ago

      I've been to the Woods Campground and had a blast! Probably the most fun I've had on a vacation and I wasn't really looking forward to it!!!