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Coldest Winter in 50 years

Updated on September 15, 2015

Snow Falling in 2009 (London)

Will Britain face its worst winter in 50 years?

Will Britain face its worst winter in 50 years?

Many articles have been spewing up with a range of headlines but all meaning the same thing, Britain is heading for its coldest winter in 50 years. Is it true? well over the years I have witnessed many articles during winter time that suggests Britain is headed for an abnormally cold winter but they never seem to be true in the end for example in 2014 there was a buzz on social media about how it’s going to be the ‘’Coldest winter in 100 years’’ did that happen? No in fact it was one of the warmest on record and there was hardly any snow to be seen. In recent days all news outlets have been releasing the same headline, to many to count. Personally this is the first time I’ve seen so many outlets churning up the same story, so there could be a possibility its true.

Many say the cause of this ‘’Coldest winter in 50 years’’ is due to the El Niño weather pattern, but ITV news says that this weather pattern has little effect on European weather. Is this cold winter believable? Personally from my experience and because it’s so early in meteorological terms I don’t think it’ll happen, and it’s too hard to predict our weather and especially at such an early stage.


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