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Colombia National Beauty Pageant

Updated on March 11, 2013
Colombia Beauty Contest
Colombia Beauty Contest | Source

The Colombia National Beauty Pageant happens every year on about November 11th. The beauty pageant was born out of another yearly celebration that eventually evolved into the current National Beauty Pageant. This pageant takes place in Cartagena de Las Indias, the Caribbean hotspot on the North Coast of Colombia. Beautiful contestants come from all over the country of Colombia to compete in this celebrated competition. The latin beauties come out of the woodwork to compete. Latin women are very meticulous about their appearance and they enjoy flaunting their beauty.

2013 Champion
2013 Champion

This years winner is Lucia Alldana Roldan from Cali, in the Department of Valle. The Department of Valle consistently does well in these beauty pageants. I live in Cali and I can attest to the fact that there are a lot of potential candidates here. I have a friend who was living here in Cali who moved to Cartagena. When he was in the process of finding an apartment there he met the current Champion. At the time he was not aware of whom he met. That is one thing about Colombia, the people are quite friendly and approachable.


The beauty pageant was not always celebrated in Cartagena on the 11th of November. The original celebration on the 11th was a celebration of the independence of Cartagena from Spain. Cartagena was the first province in Colombia to do so on November 11, 1811. Because of the significance of the event, Colombia began an annual celebration back in 1811. Every year there was a parade and a competition of musical groups followed by fireworks. Then at the end of the festivities a group would be chosen as a winner of the music competition. That group would be designated Diosa de La Libertad, which is Spanish for the goddess of freedom. The celebration continued to about 1933. The National Beauty Pageant replaced the older celebration and became the new annual event that year.


This beauty pageant is not just a beauty pageant. It is a celebration of independence and it is an opportunity to raise money to help the needy of Colombia. During the pageant there are a lot of events that are ongoing, and all of the proceeds raised go to help the needy.


The pageant begins every year with a parade called the Desfile de Balleneras on the Bay of Cartagena. The beauty contestants are paraded by marines followed by an entourage of yachts, sailboats, and speed boats.


After the aqua parade the contestants proceed to the pool area of the Cartagena Hilton, where the swimsuit competition is held.


Like everything in Cartagena, the Beauty Pageant is a party for all.

The National Beauty Pageant of Colombia is just one of the many events that take place in Cartagena. If one would like more information about Cartagena and Colombia, just follow the link below to a website about Colombia.


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