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Colorado Springs-A Fun Place to Visit

Updated on January 24, 2009

Fun Places To Go

 Well, I just got back to Austin after spending six days in Colorado Springs, Colorado and I wanted to take a quick moment to reflect on some of the fun and cool places that I visited while I was out there working before I get to caught up on flying out to San Diego for two weeks in the morning.

I was fortunate enough that the weather was extremely mild all week long with temperatures in 60's for the most part and the weather finally dropping into the 20's and 10's the last night I was there.

Of course Colorado Springs has the mountains for hiking and backpacking along with taking the Cog Rail up the mountain to enjoy the view from Pike's Peak.  You could also take some time and drive south to Colorado City and walk across the Gorge bridge.  A lot of people know about these attractions along with Fort Carson and the Air Force Academy, but what's not talked about is some of the fun night life. 

Colorado is know for their microbreweries and I was able to visit two of them on the square.  You'll also find a variety of night clubs just off of Tejon and Bijou streets such as Cowboys dance club (which wasn't to bad) along with Blondie's, Rum Bay, and the Ritz. 

I had dinner several times down on the square and I have to say that the 10 oz filet mignon that I had at The Famous steak house was one of the best that I have ever had!  Fujiyama sushi bar is also a phenomenal choice for dinner and they prepared one of the best shrimp tempura rolls that has ever crossed my palate.  I had a simple dinner two night at The Ritz.  While the ambiance at the Ritz on a Friday night is awesome with the amount of young, educated adults and the live music, but the food was at best an A-. 

I was most impressed with two bars: 15c cigar bar and Blondie's upstair bar.  15c is not apparant unless you know about it.  Luckily for me, when I inquired about a cigar bar at the Famous, Chad the bartender gave me accurate directions.  "Walk down this street, you'll see an alley.  Walk a block to block in a half down there and look for a blue light.  You'll see the address is 15c.  Walk right on in!"  Boy, he was right!  The atmosphere, cigar and drink selection, and service was the best that I've ever experienced.  I was back there for 3 nights in a row! 

The upstairs bar staff at Blondie's was a lot of fun and a lot of fun.  I was fortunate enough to have some fun and meet some lovely ladies, Chrystal and Amy.  Both worked for a bank and so we had some interests in common.  The club was quite packed and everyone seemed to have a good time.  We closed the bar down at 2:30 am and I headed back to my hotel.  I decided to grab breakfast at the Denny's across from the Clarion Inn on Bijou.  While waiting to get seated, a very attactive brunette walked in behind me.  We visited for a minute or so and I was seated.  A few minutes later, Carol (the brunette) and three of her friends (two who were extremely wasted) sat down in the booth next to mine.  Carol and I smiled back at each other.  Her drunk friends quickly invited me to join them so I did.  Before to long though, her drunk friends left leaving Carol and her friend, Jessica, alone with me.  We enjoyed the early breakfast and I found out that Carol bartended and worked for a non-profit that works with abused kids and Jessica was a third grade teacher. 

We finished our breakfast and I found out that their ride had disappeared with their intoxicated friends.  I offered to give them a ride and Jessica agreed to it while Carol grabbed a cab as she was way on the opposite side of town.  I dropped Jessica off at her friends house at 4:45 am and headed back to the hotel.

Let's just say that I chose not to sleep and packed my bags and jumped in my rental to make the one hour drive to Denver!  While I was there for work wtih helping another investor score some great deals, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and what the smaller suburb of Denver has to offer.

Girls at Blondies, Crystal and Amy

Crystal and Amy at Blondie's Bar!
Crystal and Amy at Blondie's Bar!

Jessica and Carol at Denny's

Jessica (3rd grade teacher) and Carol (Bartender).
Jessica (3rd grade teacher) and Carol (Bartender).

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