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Colorado, My Top Five Summer Destinations

Updated on August 20, 2014

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde

Awe Inspiring! To stand in the same space as the ancestral pueblo people who occupied the cliff dwellings A.D. 600-1300 is beyond description.

I was tele-ported back in time and it was as if I was one of them climbing, stooping and making my way through the adobe dwellings.

I magined myself doing everything the guide described - firing pottery, pounding dough against a rock, calming myself by the Kiva. Why did this civilization, after living there for 700 years decide to move south?

I really wanted to answer this question.

The park protects nearly 5000 archaeological sites. The guided tour is definitely recommended.

Mesa Verde National Park: The First 100 Years

Great Sand Dunes

Sandboarding and sand sledding can be fun, but only with the right equipment and conditions. Learn more on the Sandboarding/Sand Sledding page. NPS/Patrick Myers
Sandboarding and sand sledding can be fun, but only with the right equipment and conditions. Learn more on the Sandboarding/Sand Sledding page. NPS/Patrick Myers | Source

Great Sand Dunes of Colorado

Great Sand Dunes

Snowboarding on Sand? Sand Sledding?

After experiencing the soft, warm, silky sands of the Great Sand Dunes you will realize that you have experienced something some people have never even thought of. Colorado truly does have it all.

At the base of the dunes is Medano Creek. Shallow, really shallow, only a couple of inches in places. It's warm and perfect for frolicking. This is one of the best summer time visits in all of Colorado.

Medano Creek at Great Sand Dunes National Park

Cave of the Winds

Cave of the Winds

Cave of the Winds

Stalactites, Stalagmites, calcite, flowstone, limestone. No it's not an episode of breaking bad, but I was deep, deep, deep in cave rich language while experiencing the damp cold sparkling caves. Millions and millions of years it took for these formations to become - well formations.

By far and most fascinating was the section of the cave that was a boulder of bobbie pins. Somewhere down through the ages, it was thought to be good luck to throw your hiar piece into a section of the cave.

Now who knows how many eon's later it's just one huge boulder of bobbie pins.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Best Hot Springs

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

Oh I get peaceful and relaxed just thinking of this place. Maybe because the Ute Indians found it to be sacred ground.

Heated naturally from the hot, and I mean hot, springs that bubble up from under the ground.

This magnificent pool spans the length of a football field. The "big" pool is said to be around 90 - 93 degrees. The smaller "therapy" spa is naturally hotter at 102 - 104 degrees, with 15 healing minerals to soothe your soul.

There's two water slides and a kiddie pool open in the summer. Lockers and showers and you can even rent a suit if this was a last minute decision.

Bring a lunch or dine at the restaurant. Or, there's lodging so stay overnight.

I just can't find anything wrong about this place.

Estes Park

White Water Rafting in Estes Park

What better way to experience those purple majesties than splashing through the rivers!

Easy breezy rafting lets the beginner laze their way down, while the more experienced rafter can buck the white bronco waves to their hearts content.

There are several rafting tour companies to choose from, but book in advance as they fill up.

There are lots of locations within the state to white water raft, but one of the reasons I chose Estes Park was the deer and the elk.

At the end of you day, you can stop and have a conversation wtih an elk, or bar hop with the deer. They have no fear in this quaint historic town. I know, I tried to tell one of them to look both ways before crossing the street, but he must have though I was just trying to get his autograph.

What are your favorite Colorado places?

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    • Hankscita profile image

      Sandy 3 years ago from Florida

      Thank you Jean. I was born and raised in Colorado, but have lived in New York, California and now I live in Florida. But Colorado will always be home.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey

      This brought back beautiful memories of the two times my husband and I drove from NJ to out west. First we took a Northern route and saw the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Pike's Peak and Devil's Tower, on the way to Yellowstone. The second time we went to Mesa Verde, it's truly amazing and visited friends in New Mexico. A lovely hub

    • Hankscita profile image

      Sandy 3 years ago from Florida

      Thank you Thief12, it definitely is.

    • Thief12 profile image

      Thief12 3 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Nice, looks like a pretty good place to visit.