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Considering a holiday in Lapland? Yllas wont disappoint!

Updated on June 13, 2011

Why Lapland? Why Yllas?

If you have ever dreamt of a holiday in Lapland, then Yllas could be just the place you are looking for. Anyone that has visited this incredible winter destination will agree that Yllas makes the perfect Lapland holiday. Most people have at one stage wanted to take their children (or just themselves!) to visit Santa Claus in his home and by visiting the Finnish town of Yllas you can make this fantasy a reality.

There is much more to a holiday in Lapland than just visiting Father Christmas though. From Weddings in ice chapels to learning to ski and night walks to see the Northern Lights, this article will give you an insight into the once in a lifetime destination that is Yllas, Finland.

Holidays in Lapland , Yllas Region

Where is Yllas?

 Yllas lies in Northern Finland, above the Arctic Circle and only 50kms from the nearest international airport of Kittila. Yllas itself is the name of the 718m high fell that has become a popular ski destination in Lapland. Either side of the fell lie the villages of Akaslompolo and Yllasjarvi. These villages form the centre of a 330km network of cross country ski tracks, many of which are lit. Akaslompolo and Yllasjarvi rely predominantly on tourism and as such it is here that you will find an abundance of accommodation options and activity organisers as well as shops, ski hire, bars and restaurants.

Log Cabins of Yllas. Lapland

Accommodation for your lapland holiday.

Basing your Lapland holiday in Yllas gives you a range of accommodation options. There are of course many hotels that will give you the expected holiday experience. What, however, would be better on your dream Lapland holiday than a stay in a cosy log cabin, nestled in amongst the snow covered pine trees?

Log cabins in Akasampolo and Yllasjaarvi are available for all group sizes and typically are self-catering. Some, though are serviced by hosts offering you an incredible all-inclusive, personalised service to help you truly relax on your Lapland holiday. By paying for a hosted cabin you will take all the stress from cooking after a day out and make budgeting for your trip a lot easier. Not to mention that it will encourage you to try some local dishes that you might not manage to cook for yourself!

A typical hosted cabin day starts with a good breakfast. Flexible on timing your host will typically present you with cereal, toast, juice, hot drinks and a variety of hot food options. Winter Wonderlands are cold and you'll need plenty of fuel for your day. After a few hours on the piste, expect to be greeted on your return by an open fire, freshly baked cakes and and a well deserved hot drink. A shower or sauna later and its time for dinner. Expect canapes with a glass of wine, followed by a full three course meal. Just what you needed after a day on the slopes of the yllas ski resort or an exhilarating skidoo ride!

living your dream in Yllas, Lapland

Lapland Holiday Activities!

 Other than the obligatory visit to see Santa at work in his workshop there are simply more activities in Yllas than you could hope to achieve in just one holiday to Lapland. For a start there is the slopes of Yllas fell that offer 61 ski slopes for skiers and snowboarders. For a compact resort Yllas has superb facilities and slopes for all abilities. A childrens area and sledging slope make it perfect for families.

Away from the fell, why not try your hand at riding a skidoo? For beginners there are guided 'safaris' to visit local sites or if you are feeling brave then perhaps hire one for a couple of hours and explore the designated tracks. In good conditions it is possible to drive over the top of the fell for stunning views over the Yllas area.

If you prefer something a little more sedate maybe a husky or reindeer ride would be better. A visit to see either of these incredible animals start with an introduction and visit the their farms before being taken for a journey through the winter scenery, with a stop at a traditional remote hut (Kote) for a hot drink and an opportunity to thaw out around a fire!

Prefer travelling under your own steam? Then the network of marked cross country skiing may take your fancy. Many cabins include free ski and snowshoe hire for the duration of your visit giving you the perfect opportunity to work up an appetite before your reindeer burger dinner! Snowshoeing will give you the chance to get off the beaten track and truly explore the landscape of your holiday to Lapland.

More than just a holiday in Lapland, getting married in Yllas!

For an experience to complete your perfect day, it is well worth considering holding your marriage ceremony in Lapland. Is there a more romantic setting than a reindeer sleigh ride through the forest to get to your wedding? Yllas is home to an incredible ice chapel that is the perfect setting for your special day.

Not just a chapel, Lainio ice village includes a hotel for your first night of marriage, a bar for the first toast and a maze of sculptured rooms for your guests to explore whilst waiting for the bride. To complete the experience, there are several traditional restaurants for the reception meal offering traditional fare such as delicious elk stew.

Of course for that romantic evening to be complete it would be hard to beat a view of the Northern Lights. This naturally occurring phenomenon will take your breath away and leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Taking a husky in Lapland


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    • dosburros profile image

      dosburros 7 years ago

      yes AngryScot yllas is a brilliant place, the ice chapel is incredible. a holiday in lapland should be on everyones wishlist!

    • dosburros profile image

      dosburros 7 years ago

      Thanks quemacoco. yllas is certainly an amazing place and not as expensive as people think!

    • profile image

      AngryScot 7 years ago

      Wow - great article, the weddings in Lapland sound amazing - might suggest that to my wife! You make it sound so magical.

    • quemacoco profile image

      quemacoco 7 years ago

      looks like an amazing place. hope to visit there someday when I'm rich