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Construction in Cuenca: Nuevas Veredas

Updated on May 16, 2012

Nuevas Veredas Project May 2012

Workers pouring new concrete on the corner of Mariscal Sucre and Coronell Guillermo Talbot
Workers pouring new concrete on the corner of Mariscal Sucre and Coronell Guillermo Talbot

Cuenca, Ecuador - All over the city, $20 million in construction work is underway. 2012 is apparently the year Cuenca gets a facelift, but it's a makeover that has been desperately needed. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to Cuenca's sidewalks!

All through the Centro Historico, sidewalks are missing cobbles, missing tiles, or just plain broken. It's a hazardous eyesore. As a result of both complaints and injuries, the city is finally taking action with the Nuevas Veredas project.

Work Flows Along Mariscal Sucre

In May 2012, workers started taking out the sidewalks at the intersection of Mariscal Sucre and Coronell Guillermo Talbot. The project calls for a complete overhaul of both the sidewalks and the street along Mariscal Sucre, a busy one-way street flowing through the middle of town.

The street is not going to be closed during the project. Instead, workers are replacing the sidewalks one side at a time to permit a single lane to remain open. However, it's a very narrow lane indeed, with no room for error as workers are also trenching to replace water lines and sewage. Drivers will need to be very careful to stay in their lanes!

Walkers in the historic district should also take care. Unlike construction work in other places, the area remains largely open to foot traffic. You're walking at your own risk of stepping in mud puddles, open trenches, or extra globs of cement. If other restoration projects in the city are any guide, it will largely be a mess until things are finished.

A markerSan Sebastian Plaza, Cuenca, Ecuador -
Plaza de San Sebastian, Coronell Guillermo Talbot, Cuenca, Ecuador
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Work started at the corner of the Plaza in May 2012

New Sidewalks by Year's End

The replacement sidewalks are scheduled to be finished before the end of the year. Workers are moving from their starting point near San Sebastian Plaza in sections down to Vargas Machuca on the other side of Parque Calderon. The biggest disruptions will be when the work hits the markets around Parque Calderon, but that segment should be complete in four to six weeks.

All in all, it will be a dramatic improvement for a heavily trafficked part of town. No more stubbed toes, embarrassing slips, or treacherous loose tiles! Instead, the mixed concrete replacement sidewalks will help visitors and residents of all ages enjoy walking through downtown Cuenca.


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