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Contiki tour travel for young adults

Updated on June 11, 2015

Contiki Tours

Young adult travel tour with Contiki

In life we have many responsibilities that involve hard work and a lot of dedication. When we are young we are preoccupied with our schooling and need to prioritize that in our life because it is very important that we complete our schooling and then plan out our education beyond high school. For most of us we will embark on a college education which is essential in our overall success. As the need for education increases it seems the costs of obtaining a college education also increase so we have to find appropriate ways of meeting the financial demands that obtaining a college education require. I will address this in another hub entry because my focus in this hub is on an equally important subject which is obtaining a cultural education which you can not learn in a textbook or a college course. The kind of education I am referring to is the education of travel and exploration.

If we are lucky enough in our young adulthood before we take on the responsibilities and challenges that are inevitable in our life we should at least try to travel abroad and see how life is like in a foreign country at least once. I had such an opportunity back in 1996 and I acted upon it after talking to my dad about it and it was one of my most favorite travel experiences and quite literally an opportunity of a lifetime. If such an opportunity comes your way you should take it and enjoy it because chances are that will be the only time such an opportunity will present itself for the majority of us.

It is not as easy to plan travelling by yourself in a foreign country but if you plan it out and you have contacts it can be done. I however suggest that you consider a travel tour if you are interested in meeting young single people and the one that is very popular is Contiki Tours for young adults between 18 - 35. I happened to see an ad in a church bulletin where someone was looking for a travel companion for a Contiki tour to Great Britain. I summoned the courage to call the individual who placed the ad and it was one of the best decisions I made as I met a friend and I had the experience of a lifetime.

I did not know what to expect but I was all excited. I thought the price of the trip for the amount of time spent in Great Britain was very reasonable and it seemed like something I should do. The arrangements included the flight to London's Heathrow airport and flight back home, the hotel accommodations, the bus transportation, some of the attractions and most of the meals.

My travel outside of the US before making this trip included one Club Med vacation to St. Lucia and a couple of trips up to Montreal, Quebec and Toronto Canada. Those trips were very enjoyable and I would do them again in a heartbeat but there seemed to be something special about going on a Contiki tour.

I went in mid June of 1996 for 10 days and the agenda for the trip were travel itineraries and hotel stays in England, Scottland and Wales on a bus drive throughout the countryside. I was pretty shy but I managed to open up and meet some fantastic people from all over the world. I met a lot of beautiful girls from countries such as Singapore, China, Australia, Germany, Spain, South America and the USA and guys also from all parts of the world. My roommate was a gentle giant from Vancouver BC who had the experience of going on a couple of Contiki tours previously and loved each one. I really bonded well with him and made a lasting friendship that still lasts today as we occasionally speak to each other over the phone. I recently spoke to him during the Olympics in his country over the phone and always enjoy speaking with him.

The trip itself although it took place almost 15 years ago still flood my memory with many pleasant experiences and sometimes I can still picture the people I met and the places we stayed at as if it was yesterday. That's a testament to how wonderful the tours are and to the people conducting them. We were very lucky to have a wonderful tour leader and tour bus driver that made our trip go so smoothly. I made so many friends and we visited in many pubs, establishments, historical castles, churches and monesteries and I found the town folks were simply wonderful and so down to earth.

As each day passed I felt a bit sadder knowing that the time was fleeting and that I would be back to work soon again but when I was on the trip it was magical and I did not want it to end. It seems there are some things in our life that stick out and this trip certainly is one of those things that sticks out and brings a smile to my face.

I lost touch with all of the people on the trip with the exception of two. One lives in Manhasset and he is the person who was looking for the travel companion and the other is my friend from Vancouver. I was grateful for going on the trip and for meeting such truly wonderful people and I highly recommend such a tour if you are planning such a trip. The beauty of a Contiki tour is they are conducted in most countries and span days, weeks and even months if you have the time, the budget and the desire to travel. It is well worth doing and the memories will last a life time. I certainly have my memories of the trip and wonderful pictures to view and share with family and friends.

A Contiki tour is a chance of a lifetime and I believe something everyone should consider if they are able to.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Contiki Travels


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