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Coral Bay holiday

Updated on December 20, 2015

Coral Bay

Are you looking for some incredible experiences & adventures on your travels like us, maybe some snorkeling or an exciting boat trip to spot some sea life?

Is it time to rise & shine and have some fun explore a new area of Western Australia ?!!

We have heard so much about Coral Bay such as it is one of the few places in the world to have a great aquatic experience swimming with the whale sharks & seeing them up close & personal as they come to feed on the coral spawn at Coral Bay in Western Australia.

Coral Bay is set 140km south of Exmouth and 1200km north of Perth on Australias Coral Coast. Coral Bay is the southern gateway town to the warm, lively waters of world-famous Ningaloo Reef.

A small settlement of a few houses, stores, restaurants and the picturesque beachfront accommodation at Ningaloo Reef Resort, Coral Bay is the place where the reef meets the beach and the wonders of Australias largest fringing coral reef are accessible within one hundred meters of the shore.

Coral Bay is very popular as it has access to the 260 k Ningaloo Reef which is great for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving & exploring as it forms a natural lagoon.

What I love about this place is that the coral starts right at the waters edge so this makes it accessible for everyone without the need to have to pay for a boat trip every time you want to go snorkeling

However It has been recommended that we go on an adventure tour while there, have some fun out in the water boom netting & enjoy discovering new and untouched areas!

Enjoy the peace and tranquility as you sail along the spectacular coastline & search our crystal clear waters for turtles, dolphins, rays and more.

One of the things I am keen to see is the turtle breeding season which I have to wait until between January & April to see.

The loggerhead turtles come to the beaches and lay their eggs so it will be a sight worth seeing!

Another sight to see in March, April is coral spawning so you can see this either while snorkeling or from a glass bottom boat tour!

It's hard to pick when to go as from June to November you can see the humpback whales passing close to the shoreline on their annual breeding migration.

This would be a wonderfully romantic place for a honeymoon & you can get packages to suit your needs.

To get to Coral Bay from Perth, the Greyhound bus will take you there or you can book a tour. Check online for specials and mates rates.

Be as flexible as you can with your days that you are prepared to travel so you can save some money.

Coral Bay Beach

Coral Bay

Coral Bay Shops

See the turtle hatching

Swim with Turtles
Swim with Turtles

Top 10 things to do at Coral Bay !

1.If you can I highly recommend going snorkeling especially if you have never been before !

2. Enjoy a kayaking tour to the outer reef & coral gardens

3 . Romance on the water on a sunset cruise

4. try boom netting while exploring the reef on a tour

5. Take plenty of photos!

6.Try a quad trek if your after adventure with a difference.

7. Watch the turtles laying their eggs on the beach

8. Watch the coral spawning

9. Have a go at fishing from the beach, jetty or a boat, crabbing or at least enjoy the variety of seafood dishes on offer.

10. Along the coast see if you can go swimming with Dolphins !

Relax , unwind & enjoy every moment of your visit to Coral Bay!

Boat Trips Coral Bay

Check out the range of Coral bay boat tours available
Check out the range of Coral bay boat tours available
see the beautiful underwater life
see the beautiful underwater life

Accomodation in Coral Bay

As for accommodation there is something in Coral Bay  to suit everyone's budget from putting up a tent in one of the Coral Bay caravan parks or your caravan on site ,  or sharing a room at the backpackers hostel to staying right by the water at a resort in a beautiful cabin .

We have the caravan so we like to be  in a shady spot  under a tree near the water!

Can't wait to see Ningaloo Reef !
Can't wait to see Ningaloo Reef !

Holiday jobs Coral Bay Australia

Keep a watch out as there are holiday jobs that do come up in Coral Bay from time to time either online com or in the Wednesday / Saturday Western Australian newspaper.

There is often cleaning work advertised for at one of the Coral Bay caravan parks or one of the shops / tourism places as a receptionist with accommodation available.

A position was available for a quad bike rider to take tours which looked like a fun job for someone!

You can always email one of the places with your resume for a head start.

Coral Bay about 15 hours north of Perth
Coral Bay about 15 hours north of Perth
Accomodation Coral Bay
Accomodation Coral Bay


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