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Corn Maze Fall Fun for All

Updated on October 18, 2011

Corn Maze Try Something Different and Fun

Yesterday we celebrated our grandson Maddox 3rd birthday. He was actually born on October 31 but in the interest of other activities Maddox's parents elected to have an early party. The decision to have the party at one of our local apple orchards was a good choice. Like others in Henderson County, North Carolina where the apple is king, enterprising farmers are now using their orchards for family oriented events. Hayrides on trailers pulled by big tractors make an enjoyable ride for the youngsters and parents through the orchard stopping long enough at the pumpkin patch for each to gather a pumpkin they can take home to decorate later as a fun Halloween craft.

The orchard where Maddox's party was held is one of the oldest orchards in our county and this year a corn maze as well as a soy bean maze were added to enhance the other activities which caters to school groups and the tour is not only fun but educational. Corn mazes are not uncommon today and are fun places to visit and a special time for a family outing. My friend Taylor Mackey and his family are farmers. Each year they grow huge fields of corn and for several years have hired a company to cut a maze into at least one of their biggest fields in Transylvania County our near neighbor to the west.

The corn maze is seasonal and lasts for fall months. Like many corn mazes in our area Halloween presents a special added attraction and income opportunity. The imagination and creativity can produce some scary scenarios and I have heard of at least one 911 call for some who had gotten lost deep inside in a corn maze where the corn is over 12 feet tall. If you have access to a maze near your home or even know where one is a short drive away, go visit with your kids or a church group. You will find the corn maze is a bit different and lots of fun but be careful if you go during the Halloween season you might just need to pack a change of underwear.

Corn Maze

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