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Courtyard by Marriott Budapest

Updated on June 15, 2015

The Courtyard by Marriott may not have the greatest location in Budapest, but it is good, and you will be near anything and right in front of several public transportation. Located on a large plaza you can find there not only transportation to any place but also places to eat, including McDonalds, Kebab Restaurant, Illy Cafe and others. You can also go to the supermarket, also located in the same plaza as the Hotel.

The Hotel is quite recent, the design is new and you will notice the simple modern style. The lobby is big and has comfortable sofas where you can see television or connect your mobile phone to the Hotel WiFi. It is also in the lobby that you can take a drink at the Hotel bar and you can see the restaurant where the breakfast is served.

The rooms are very good, comfortable and well equipped. You can make a hot tea or coffee and drink it in the room while you site at the sofa or in the bed and see television. When you decide to sleep you can just enter in the bed with good linen and nice pillows and sleep comfortably. The bathroom is near the entrance of the room, good if you are in a hurry, and is new and well equipped.

My overall opinion of the hotel is very good, I would consider staying in this Hotel again if the price is attractive, since the hotel may be full due to a conference or other reason.

Your Opinion about the Hotel

4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Courtyard by Marriott Budapest

Luggage Storage

As I arrived in Budapest earlier than the check in time I needed to put my luggage somewhere, since the hotel offered the luggage storage we went there. The receptionists were nice and promptly helped us to put our bags at their guard. They gave us a paper for each bag with a different number.

Later, when we arrived to do the check in we just had to show the paper and had our bags returned. It was simple and useful.

Alarm Clock

If you need an alarm clock and you do not want to use your mobile phone, the Courtyard by Marriott in Budapest offers you the solution, the TV Alarm Clock, you set it on the TV and it will wake you up on the selected time. I can guarantee that when I was there it worked perfectly.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
 Room at Courtyard by Marriott in BudapestCourtyard by Marriott in Budapest
 Room at Courtyard by Marriott in Budapest
Room at Courtyard by Marriott in Budapest
Courtyard by Marriott in Budapest
Courtyard by Marriott in Budapest


We were lucky to be upgraded to junior suite, so our experience was even better, but we have seen a normal room and they are very good. Since it is a new hotel, everything is new and it is in very good condition.

Room Temperature

I went there in August so I cannot say if the rooms are cold during winter, but I believe they are not, during the hot days in August the room was very comfortable and it was at a nice temperature, even sleeping I did not find any problem.


If you have a business meeting in the next morning and you want your shirt to be perfect there is an iron and an ironing board in the room wardrobe.

This can be a big plus to the business travel. I was traveling just to visit the city and did not use it.

View from the Hotel Room at at Courtyard by Marriott in Budapest
View from the Hotel Room at at Courtyard by Marriott in Budapest | Source
View from the Hotel Room at at Courtyard by Marriott in Budapest
View from the Hotel Room at at Courtyard by Marriott in Budapest


It is not in the center of Budapest, and it is not by the river, so do not expect to be near the main tourist attractions in Budapest. It is in one crossroad with two of the main avenues in Budapest, the Rákóczy út, and Erzsébet körút.

The Rákóczy links the Hotel with the river, with a twenty minute walk. and before you get to the river you can turn right and go the Vaci utca, one of the most famous streets in Budapest for tourists and Hungarians due to the number of commercial storesthat exists there. The Vaci utca is a pedestrian street.

The Erzsébét is a main avenue where you can find several stores and restaurants, specially fast food restaurants. It is an half circular avenue that starts and ends in the river.

If you want to use the public transportation, there are lots of options near the Hotel, Metro, Bus and Tram are all in a two minute walk from the Hotel.

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Toilet at Courtyard by Marriott in BudapestShower at Courtyard by Marriott in Budapest
Toilet at Courtyard by Marriott in Budapest
Toilet at Courtyard by Marriott in Budapest | Source
Shower at Courtyard by Marriott in Budapest
Shower at Courtyard by Marriott in Budapest | Source


The bathroom was very good, newly furnished and well illuminated. It was well prepared for both, a leisure stay or a business stay.

If you need something to shave, you can find that kind of products near the reception, there you can find a small shop with things for everyday needs.

Hotel Prices

You can get a room for a minimum of €50 / $65 with taxes included but no breakfast. This is probably a promotional fee and it is not always available.

The Courtyard by Marriott Budapest City Center Building


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    • healthylife2 profile image

      Healthy Life 5 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      Thanks for the information. Sounds like a good solid place to say without any real negative aspects. The rate also sounds amazing but I agree that it must be a promotional deal.

    • flashmakeit profile image

      flashmakeit 5 years ago from usa

      I enjoy the Marriot hotels in the United States! Thanks for submitting this interesting article.