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The 12 Covered Bridges of North Georgia

Updated on April 16, 2010

If you are looking for a slow paced weekend getaway location, reserve place with one of the North Georgia cabin rentals and take some time wandering your way across the lovely historic bridges. North Georgia is the site of 12 covered bridges-some of them much newer than others but all them a delight to visit.

The 12 bridges of north Georgia are scattered all over the region. Here is where to find them, should you wish to visit them all.

  1. The Stone Mountain Covered Bridge in Stone Mountain Par is just a short walk away from this massive mound of exposed granite with a bas relief of General Lee, Jefferson Davis and Stonewall Jackson. Be sure to spend some time discovering this beautiful park.
  2. Haralson Mill Covered Bridge is one of Georgia’s newer covered bridges and has a lattice down design. The bridge is located in Rockdale County. It crosses the Mill Rock Creek.


3. Located in Oconee County is the Elder's Mill Bridge. Although built in 1897 in the Town of Lattice, it was later moved to its current location. It also known as the Rose Creek Covered Bridge. It is one of the few covered bridges that permit vehicular traffic.

4. Big Clouds, known today as Howard's Bridge, was named for the creek that flows beneath it. It is 168 feet long and can be found in Oglethorpe County. Walking across is permitted but vehicular traffic is not allowed.

5. Preserved by the state, the Watson Mill Bridge is surrounded by Watson Mill State Park. The 226 foot long bridge is named for Gabriel Watson, a local entrepreneur who owned a nearby mill.

6. Cromer's Bridge in Franklin County was built by Pink Hunt and crosses Nails Creek near a mill where a small community existed. The 132 foot bridge was restored in 1999; however, vehicular traffic is not allowed on the 132-foot bridge.

7. Georgia’s smallest covered bridge is the 34-foot Lula Covered Bridge. It is on private property and is not open to vehicular traffic.

8. In Helen, Georgia is the Stovall Covered Bridge. It crosses the northwestern end of the Chickamauga Creeks in north Georgia. The bridge is built in the queens post truss design by Fred Dover then sold to Fred Stoval, Jr.


9. The 94 foot Poole’s Mill Bridge in Forsyth County was built on land stolen from the Cherokee Indians in 1835. The bridge crosses Settindown Creek, and once provided a way in to the Old Federal Highway, and a group of miners on the Etowah River.

10. Euharlee Covered Bridge located outside of Cartersville is 137 feet long and crosses the Euharlee Creek. It was built in1886 and is the only covered bridge in north Georgia to have a museum.

11. Built in 1872, the 131 foot long Concord Bridge was restored in the 1970s. It is located near the site of the Battle of Ruff’s Mill near Nickajack Creek.

12. In Roswell, you will find the Vickery Creek Covered Bridge. This is Georgia’s newest covered bridge. It is 161 feet long and gives hikers access to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area

So book your nest weekend getaway at one of the North Georgia cabin rentals. You will find delightful scenery sure to delight and inspire. As you visit these remarkable bridges, you hear of historic events, lost loves and beautiful romances. Come take a tour of Georgia’s bridges.


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    • profile image

      Kristy 7 years ago

      Which bridge is this in the pic? It's not Poole's Mill.

    • PaulaK profile image

      Paula Kirchner 7 years ago from Austin. Texas

      What an awesome hub. I love covered bridges and when I see one will often take a picture or two of them. Thanks for the pictures and information!