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Crazy Travel Superstitions in The World

Updated on February 7, 2016

When it comes to travelling, every visitor has their own view and tradition. If some people wore same colored outfits, then some tie their lucky charm to wrist, some throw snow on to each other and some through coins into the sea or water pools. So there are many notions or we can also call them superstitions while in travel. Regardless of either you believe or not, there are many such kinds of activities that people believe and most of them travel across the borders to perform these activities.

In the year 2015, Nepal Airlines officials sacrificed two goats when they got some technical issues in their aircrafts. They have done this pacify their sky god in front of the troublesome airline carrier in Kathmandu International Airport. There will not be any fourth row in Air China flight as the word “four” sounds similar to the word death in Chinese. So nobody wants to sit in the death row so they took off the fourth row from the carriers.

Below are some of the notions that people believe in.

  • Friday the 13th
  • Coin throwing at Trevi Fountain
  • Spilling Water before Travel

There are reasons behind these beliefs. Descriptive explanations about how these are followed and reason behind these notions is given below.

Friday the 13th

In Western countries, people avoid to travel on 13th day of the month if it falls on Friday.
In Western countries, people avoid to travel on 13th day of the month if it falls on Friday.

In Western countries, such as United Kingdom, France, Ireland and Central Europe, if the thirteenth day of the month, according to Gregorian calendar, falls on Friday then it is believed to be the unlucky day in western countries. There is an ancient story behind this strong faith that people believe. On the day of last supper, it is said to be there are 13 individuals present in upper room. The Crucifixion was on Friday, so it is considered Friday, 13th as unlucky. But in Spanish speaking countries, if 13th falls on Tuesday then it is termed as the bad day. So people avoid travel on this day as it is treated as the unlucky day.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is the largest baroque fountain in the Rome. Millions of tourists visit Trevi every year.
Trevi Fountain is the largest baroque fountain in the Rome. Millions of tourists visit Trevi every year.

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Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain in English is situated in the district of Trevi in Rome, Italy. This baroque fountain is designed by Nicola Salvi. This fountain is famous for coin throwing activity. You can’t directly throw the coins into the water. Hold a coin with right hand index finger and thumb and turn back against the fountain and throw over your left arm. Here people throw three coins, first one ensure your return to Rome again, second for new romance in your life and the third ensure your marriage. This fountain can be seen in many Hollywood movies such as “Three Coins in the Trevi Fountain”, “La Dolce Vita” and many others. All the coins collected from the fountain will be donated to an Italian Charity.

Spilling Water before Travel

This activity is well-known for many people who are residing around Rome and Serbia. Especially in Serbia people spill water behind the person who is about to travel or who is going to job as a good luck sign. This activity also be performed when someone is about to go for a test or job interview. It is also observed that people who are in the army and going for reporting. This will symbolizes that the work or the initiation before spilling will end up happily by means as “Let him go clean and clear such as water”.

There are many other activities that can be observed before or while in a travel. In India, when people starting their journey and if the cat cross his/her way then it is supposed to be an unlucky sign, so people stop their journey for some time and they start later. In Norway, people wish the person who going on a tour saying as “Tvi Tvi” which literally means “break a leg”, so that no evil spirits will approach the person as he/she already cursed. Like these there are many other notions or superstitions in the world that people consider before or while travel.

When I enquired about this with Customer Support Manager for travel company, Rehlat, he said that they receive 36% less booking on November 13, 2015 which falls on Friday compared to the average bookings for the weekends. This change is majorly seen in Europe countries as the people travel less on that day as it believed to be unlucky for them.


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