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Creative ways to travel and explore and wild/stealth camp!

Updated on April 24, 2016

1, 2 creative ways to explore and travel and wild/stealth camp!

This article is most suitable for someone who doesn't have a driving/riding license, but want to maximize their experience & effort while exploring places overseas.

With these tips, you will experience better freedom in travel, lesser $ spent, and lesser physical effort (from hiking around too much).

Let's cut to the chase: Think about hiking and camping in the great outdoors, but minus the grueling workout from walking all day with a heavy backpack, and the trouble of finding an established campground.

So what does this mean? Yep.. Stealth camping. Stealth camping is the act of secretly camping in an area and moving on the next morning without being detected. I'll leave it to you to google more on what stealth/wild camping is in detail. Basically its the freedom of camping anywhere you want, and it doesn't have to mean camping illegally. Check the local laws.

Now moving on.. the transport/travel part. Well, you can either go ultralight backpacking if you choose to walk. OR - An unconventional way is to get a good small and lightweight electric scooter that can be folded. The smallest can fit into a 100 liters backpack, and the lightest can go as low as 7kg. The maximum distance can go as far as 60-80km on a full charge, and the speed can go as fast as 60kph. Think of the possibilities with this. You can now travel with your scooter and cut the distance shorter by a lot. When you need to walk when the terrain gets too bumpy or hilly, simply fold it up and pack it in your backpack. Your backpack can be a 100 liter, 10kg backpack! The downside that it is great for a single overnight trip though. Unless you mix your trip with alternating nights at the hotel to charge your scooter, or if you choose to just go ultralight backpacking.


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