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The Haunted Crescent Hotel-Fall Foliage and Spook Trip

Updated on July 22, 2015

Fall Foliage Trips/Girls Weekend Outing

I have been blessed with wonderful friends to share my passion of the paranormal with. My friends and I yearn for the time when we can get together and spend time together in the Ozark "mountains". We enjoy the culture of the area, the history of the town and of course, the PaRaNoRmAl!!! We especially love and prefer to visit our 'ghostly friends' that we have found in the Crescent Hotel.

Ozark Mountain Fall Foliage

Eureka Springs Attractions~The Crescent Hotel and the Ghosts that roam its halls

The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR sits on a majestic hill in Northwestern Arkansas. The structure is built with large slabs of limestone that were quarried from the surrounding area. The name of the hotel was given based on the fact that the hotel was strategically built upon a crescent shaped piece of limestone that jutted out of the earth at the historical site. It is surrounded by serene natural springs, and the awesome grandeur of wooded areas. The surrounding homes and other buildings are absolutely breathtaking. It's like taking a step back in time. The architecture of some of the old homes in the area will inspire you to make a move to the area. It is a place that will keep you coming back for more. The Crescent Hotel is just a trek from the local downtown shopping opportunities. We refer to it as an "artsy", "eclectic", "new age", "relaxing environment". The types of shops in the old part of town are so diverse that you won't leave without something to remind you of your experience. Some other popular attractions in the area are "The Passion Play", War Eagle Cavern and Mill, Cosmic Cavern, Beaver Lake, Thorncrown Chapel, and the list goes on.

The "Crescent" has a rich history. During its history, it has served many purposes. Just to name a few, it has been a school for elite young ladies, a hospital, owned by a con-artist doctor, that claimed that he had a cure for cancer, and currently it has been restored as a beautiful hotel. The hotel now offers ghost tours for a reasonable fee. It is a mixture of the rich history and "spook" stories. Some of the popular spooks in the hotel include Michael, in room 218. He is known as the flirty ghost. In and around room 3500, resides the "Lady in White". (My friends and I were thrilled to view a picture of this ghostly woman taken by a young lady using a cell phone during a ghost tour. You could see the ghostly skeleton skinny hand resting on her face with a sheer white sleeve. It was an awesome experience for which I wish I had the picture for.) I have also seen pictures of full body apparitions taken by friends....but I am most impressed with the pictures that I have taken personally. The best picture I have is of my very own "Ghostly Soldier". He is located in the bottom window of the attached photos. You may have to enlarge the picture to get the full appreciation of the picture. I have also added a picture of that same window as seen by the human eye. These photos are my personal property and have not been edited or retouched in any way. Notice that the whole window changes when the ghost appears... There is nothing on the outside of the window and is currently the top window of the front porch. I have been back many times to study and hopefully capture him again. I have taken pictures only to realize that a brilliantly colored blue orb was manifested. I am hooked! Don't forget to bring a digital camera with extra batteries And see what you can get!

The Ghostly Soldier Window-as it appears to the human eye...

Window-as it appears to the human eye
Window-as it appears to the human eye | Source

The Ghostly Soldier-Bottom Window

Full Body Aparition
Full Body Aparition | Source

Ghost Tours and "The Ghostly Soldier" from Ghosthunters Episode

During the ghost tour, they make their way to the old "morgue"of the historical hospital. They have a "body parts room", this is where body parts were stored from the deceased patients during the time of the cancer hospital. This is also the location that has attracted many tourists to the location after being aired on the Travel Channel. The "Ghosthunters" crew caught a full body apparition on national television. This man is referred to as a "ghostly soldier" as well or a bricklayer during the episode. I am of the belief that it is truly a soldier that may have attached itself to the old army cabinet that is in the morgue's "body parts" room.

I have been touched in the morgue felt like feather on my neck and creeped me out just a bit..or maybe more than a bit. I also captured lots of light anomalies. Some of those pictures have been added to this article. The photos were taken during a communication attempt in the old morgue using an EMF device. The entire time in this area resulted in strange light anomalies. Again, these are my personal photos and have not been edited or retouched in any way.

The Haunted Morgue-Light Anomalies

Arkansas Welcomes You!! Beautiful Fall Foliage and Home of Spooks at the Crescent Hotel

Well, I certainly hope you enjoy this post and hope that it brings you to "The Natural State". We love the fall foliage, the attractions, the peaceful relaxed nature of the people and I hope that you will too. Until then...May the "spooks" be with you! :)

Eureka Springs, AR

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Spring Street
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The Crescent Hotel and Spa


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