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Our great European adventure!

Updated on August 21, 2016

First Stop Croatia

Finally we’re on the bus! After spending a couple nights in beautiful Split, Croatia, we’re on the road to our first Busabout stop, Venice!

After being picked up at the airport by a little old lady and her daughter and driven to our beautiful studio apartment, we headed into town just a short walk to the sea front. Instantly we were blown away by the beauty of the place, the endless bars and restaurants, and of course the heat!! The town is full of quirky little side streets, bakeries on every corner, and a lot of tourists!

Typically, we ended up spending most of our first night playing UNO in our room with a bottle of vodka, and went back into town for a late night dinner.

Our second day we had booked to go out on a speed boat which took us to the Blue Lagoon; about 40 minutes from Split, followed by dinner in a small town close by, called Solta. It wasn’t quite what we expected but being able to swim (and snorkel) and just relax by the waters edge was bliss enough. The views from the boat truly were incredible, and photos seriously could not do it justice; especially the stunning sunset we got to see on our way back in!!

Not many photos here, but our plan was only to update with a few at a time!

Hope your all well, will update again soon xox

Venice Photos

Stop 2 Venice

We survived our first 10+ hour bus trip and arrived at lovely sunny Venice! Room was great, our own cabin and on suite, and even air con!!

After getting an extra large bottle of wine for 2euros, and bottles of beer for less than 1, we meet up with TeAriki and partner T for a fun night catching up, followed by a full day in venice!

We loved it! All the small side streets, men playing music and many bridges! We enjoyed a small picnic on the seafront wall over the Grand Canal. It felt so surreal but truly blissful.

However I think we were truly blown away the next day when we treated our selves to a private gondola ride, just as the sun set and all the street lights came on!

It was here that we decided to use Hayden's birthday money to pay for dinner along side the water. I hardly wanted to leave!! Thanks Fred and RaeRae!

Hope you enjoy the snaps!

Pictures in Rome

Stop 3 Rome

So after another long day on the bus, we arrived at Rome!! Unfortunately we weren’t able to upgrade to our own cabin… My biggest regret so far of the bookings (cheap is not always the way!!) so we spent 3 nights in a very crowded campsite, with no air con and a crying baby that felt like it was in the tent with us all night!

Rome its self was incredible!! First day was slightly confusing.. The hostel’s shuttle only takes you outside the Vatican, and we had no idea about the public transport! Unfortunately we seemed to book the only 2 days of the year were everyone in Rome goes on holiday!! Therefore places like the Vatican, many museums and general shops and restaurants were closed!.. But we made it to St Peters Square! WOW!..

Here we decided to pay for a hop on hop off open top bus (Dad you are right they are fantastic! You get to see so much!!) and even got to get our Colosseum tickets through them and skipped the massive 2 hour waiting line.. now that was a serious WOW factor! so incredible!

Our second day was even better! We got the shuttle again but this time got the Metro to the Trevi Fountain and went around from there to the Pantheon and Piazza Novano! We meet Haydens good friend Keegan and girlfriend Brie, took them to a small side street place that let you pour your own beers for only 3euros50!! Im sure it won’t surprise you too much but yes, we drank the keg dry! hahaha

So this ended up being a much bigger night then it possible should of been considering we were up at 7 to get on the bus again.. happy hour that lasts all night in one place was never going to end well.. Ha but we LOVED IT!!

Enjoy the snaps!


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    • Ted and Ali profile image

      Martin And Ali White 18 months ago from Stone, Staffordshire, UK

      and alternative to hop-on-hop-off busses are the guided bike tours!