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Cruise Destinations: Barbados

Updated on December 6, 2013

If Barbados is what you’ve chosen as a cruise destination, be warned: the rhythm’s sure to get you. Turquoise seas that cast their spell on your senses, seemingly endless stretches of white sandy beaches, stunning natural beauty and the wonderful warm sun on your face. How can you not fall under its spell? And they say once you've fallen, you're hooked and you'll keep coming back for that sunshine fix as often as you can.


Barbados is a rather flat island and it gently slopes down to a lacy collar of sandy beaches that circumvent it, punctuated here and there by towering sandstone and coral cliffs. From most places on the island, you have these extraordinary panoramic views of the sea, the sand and the skies. There’s a whole lot to see and explore on this island – from the historical buildings to the natural caves, from the flora and fauna to maybe a celebrity or two around! Don’t forget to take a catamaran ride or an undersea expedition. There are submarine expeditions and trips in glass bottom boats to help you feat on the beautiful underwater coral and sea life. You can take a peek at some of the best in marine life at Ocean Park and if you’re a nature lover, don’t miss Welchman Hall Gully. You also have adventure tours by 4 x 4 into the interior of the island.


With its wonderful sea all around, Barbados is a water sports heaven and you’ll find everyone enjoying themselves on the beach. The nightclubs are always pulsating with the energy of holiday makers who sightsee during the day and party hard at night. You find live entertainment in most of them and the rhythm of the reggae and the calypso tends to get to you. Club Xtreme is really the last word in nightclubs.

Don’t forget to take in a few of the historical sites like the Tyrol Cot Heritage Village which is a traditional village preserved and where you can still but traditional handicrafts. Another place to visit is the Sunbury Plantation House which is almost four centuries old and has been restored after a fire. You can have a meal there on one of the old wooden tables, surrounded by handcrafted wooden artifacts from long ago. Take a look at some of the natural wonders on the island like Harrison’s Cave and after that, just lie on the beach and soak up the sun. This is a paradise where the sun always shines, where skies are blue and where time seems to drag its feet in sweet surrender to the call of a laid back life.


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