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Cruise Destinations: Norway

Updated on March 24, 2013

Norway, the land of the Vikings is a great cruise destination. Your travel agent will probably tell you that you are unlikely to see Thor, the god of thunder spring out from behind one of those rugged mountains brandishing his hammer, but while you are sailing through those fjords, anything seems likely!


The cruise through Norway feels like you are in a film made about an ancient world. It’s what you imagined life to be way back hundreds of years ago. You might view it from the luxury of your liner but if you were to suspend logic for a bit, what is around you could well be the backdrop from an old Viking movie. For many, it would seem like a trip back in time and to imagine the stories about the mythological Viking gods is so possible in these parts.

It’s a land of glaciers and the midnight sun but it is not cold and dreary. There’s green in the lush woods and the rolling farmlands, the beaches are blue and sunny and the cities are clean and pretty. As you sail along, the view includes little villages where life probably goes on as it has done for years, in a pace that is much slower that the rest of the world. Most of the cruises never lose sight of land as you sail through the water in silence, with the mountains rising sharply on either side, occasionally broken by the sound of a waterfall as it gushes down a hill slope. This is untouched and unspoiled Nature at its beautiful best. The slower pace of the villages, the simple life in those wooden houses, the village markets with their piles of fish and vegetables, the cobbled lanes and the scent of the fruit-laden trees are such a refreshing change from the bustle of urban life as most of us know it.

From the end of May, for a little over two months, you don’t see the sun here so this is probably not a good time to come, not unless you’re keen on coming to view the Aurora Borealis.

Norway also has museums to visit and the bright lights of the cities, especially in the capital Oslo but it is probably the awe-inspiring and majestic scenic splendor of the fjords and the mountains that will stay etched in your memory for years to come. Ask your travel agent about budget cruise destination packages as well, especially in the lean months because this is one place that is captivating.


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