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Cruise Destinations: The French Riviera

Updated on March 24, 2013

Seventy miles of ooh la la from St. Tropez to the Italian border – the French Riviera is the playground for the jet set international crowd. And yet, as a cruise destination, even a budget cruise destination, you too can breathe the air that reeks with the aroma of luxury. So ask your travel agent how and tell him that you want to be there too and you want to feel like those celebs with their bling too.


It’s blessed with sunshine, this strip of snobbery and that goes for probably every day of the year. Except for the occasional shower, the sun shines down like it was ordered to. The places of interest along this coast are St.Tropez, St. Raphael, Antibes, Nice, Monaco, Monte Carlo and Menton. You’ll find all along that you have your pick from just about every water sport. What’s more, you also have the option of doing quick, condensed courses. Imagine that – get off the cruise, get a few lessons in water-skiing and get back on aboard and carry on sailing on blue seas under blue skies. Inland, there are great sports to watch if you’re an enthusiast. You’ll find the local football first division teams gripping and you also have a choice of basketball and horse racing. Of course, if you are a racing freak, you need to be there in summer for the Monaco Grand Prix.

French food is to die for but here it gets even better. You’ll find they’ve just raised the bar when it comes to the taste barometer. Before you start, try the anise flavored drink called ‘pastis’ which this region is famous for. There’s an exquisite range of dishes delicately flavored with the best French herbs and seasoning to take your palate to paradise! From the best caviar and truffles to the most delicious desserts all accompanied of course with wine that just completes a perfect meal. The rosé wine that you get here is not to be missed. To work all this off, you could go try your luck at the casinos or dance till dawn at the very stylish nightclubs.

You’ll also find museums, art galleries and concerts all along this coast and it might be worth it to learn a few phrases before you come so you can get around. Maybe your travel agent could recommend a good simple phrase book. There’s no thrill quite like being able to speak a bit of French when you’re there. It’s amazing how it’s like an Abracadabra and just works its magic in bringing on those French smiles.


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