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Victoria Beach, Manitoba, Canada, The Third Crystal Portal Event

Updated on November 19, 2011
Yahoo,first class - there's gotta be the first time for everything.
Yahoo,first class - there's gotta be the first time for everything.
Minneapolis Airport
Minneapolis Airport
Picking up our car... hmmm bigger than what I am use to driving, oh well just part of this adventure.
Picking up our car... hmmm bigger than what I am use to driving, oh well just part of this adventure.
Lauri and Barbara in the hotel ready to begin our adventure.
Lauri and Barbara in the hotel ready to begin our adventure.
Monique L. Dorge
Monique L. Dorge
Good Food says it all
Good Food says it all
Think this was the last time we saw the sun :)
Think this was the last time we saw the sun :)
Lester Beach Bed and Breakfast.  Their email address is
Lester Beach Bed and Breakfast. Their email address is
Lester Beach
Lester Beach
Good Food.
Good Food.
Cheryl, the owner of Idyle Thyme with Barbara
Cheryl, the owner of Idyle Thyme with Barbara
Victoria Beach where we held the Crystal Portal Event.
Victoria Beach where we held the Crystal Portal Event.
Lauri on Victoria Beach
Lauri on Victoria Beach
Will and Irma, the outstanding owners/hosts of Lester Beach Bed and Breakfast.
Will and Irma, the outstanding owners/hosts of Lester Beach Bed and Breakfast.
One mornings meal at Lester's B&B
One mornings meal at Lester's B&B

Lauri aka Mrs. Claus

Cozy in front of a fire the night before the Crystal Portal Event.
Cozy in front of a fire the night before the Crystal Portal Event.

Well I am off to Victoria Beach, Manitoba Canada, don't know what to expect except that it is near Winnipeg, the coldest city in Canada. Have so many layers, that I feel like "Mickie" in the Christmas Story.

The first interesting thing about this trip is that I get to fly first class - for me that is a big deal. First time in my life, so I feel very pampered.

I arrive in Minneapolis, expecting to see my friend waiting for me as her plane was due to arrive earlier than mine. No Lauri, her plane is delayed... oh, well we still have 30 minutes between her arrival and our take off.

Lauri's plane arrives and she is surprised to see me. I ask why... well, it turns out that her flight arrangements got all muffed up and she barely got on this very full airplane. All is good and then she tells me that she has no seat on our flight from Minneapolis to Winnipeg... hmm what to do - sleep in the airport with her or head off to the warm waiting hotel bed in Winnipeg. Needless to say neither of those options seemed very inviting so we asked that she be giving a seat in a fully booked plane - much to our delight it worked out.

Everyone has been asking me “Why on earth are you going to Winnipeg in late October?” And to my surprise this question continued through out our adventures... even Customs asked me “Why on Earth are we coming to visit Victoria Beach at this time of the year, did we have family or friends... or perhaps to see the Polar Bears?” Again, I couldn't really give an understandable answer plus I was stumped by the reference to Polar Bears, so I just mumbled something about being on holiday.

You see, Lauri and I were heading up to Victoria Beach to bring forth a Crystal Portal from the 6th dimension....Everyone would understand that as an answer - Right? Not so much.

See we are determined to assist the earth in achieving world wide harmony and peace by 12-21-12. Lauri holds the vision that the crystal portals are a necessary component for the achievement of world wide harmony by 12-21-12, I on the other hand, hold the belief that world wide harmony is attainable by 12-21-12 and am always game for an adventure of the not so ordinary kind.

We arrive in Winnipeg in the dark and cold... yes much colder than California or Washington and have a delightful van driver drive us to the hotel. He is a professional wrestler of the entertainment variety and his stories are hilarious, very engaging and welcoming.

The next morning we have breakfast with Monique. She is a local healer who has come out of her way to meet us, lovely woman, great healer. Her website is below. As we leave the hotel with cheerful banter from the wait & hotel staff, I am struck with how incredibly friendly and funny the people are in Winnipeg... very very very different than what I am use to encountering!

We head over to pick up Will at his home. He is the owner and Inn Keep of Lester Beach Bed and Breakfast. Again an amazing person! Great conversationalist and tour guide. We not only had a great time driving up to Victoria Beach but an incredible lunch as well. He and his wife know the best out of the way lunch spots!

We arrive at the beach and are meet with this picturesque sunset and to a lovely home nestled in the woods. Lester Beach B & B has 5 bedrooms each with its own bathroom, two living rooms, a hot tub overlooking the woods and their garden...Couldn't ask for anything nicer.

Will, that evening as we sit around the fire asks us the same question "Why did you come to Winnipeg?" Again, at first I am a tad bit loss for words - because in my experience most people are interested in "sound bites" and not full length conversations... So we say the "beach" which is true, however, as it dips below freezing and the rains sleet upon our heads, it is not as convincing a statement as it would have been in August.

Next day we head out to find the location for the crystal portal ceremony and stop at the Idly Thyme Restaurant... where we meet the owner, Cheryl. Again it turns out that she is totally engaging with many stories of her own and to our surprise is game. She wants to participate in the Portal Ceremony the next day.

We find our location on Victoria Beach - beautiful beautiful beach on the bay. The sand is glorious! When I had read that this location was considered Canada's Caribbean I couldn't understand, but after touching the sand and walking the beaches I now know why!

Later that night Will, Lauri and I are sitting around the fire talking and we start to explain what we will be doing the next day. Will being incredibly polite listens to our explanation about the Crystal Portal and what we hope to accomplish by holding these events around the world. I must admit that this attitude is what I find so unique and admire about the people from this part of Canada - they seem to be able to listen and to participate in engaging conversations!

Lauri explains to Will how she was guided to hold these Crystal Portal conferences. Below are links to her blog and website. In a nutshell she believes that we of the third dimension are being aided by beings in the 6th dimension to transform into 4 dimensional beings. The crystal portals are providing us a means to transform the earth and all of it’s people into the 4th dimension by 12-21-12, a dimension of love, harmony and creation.

I, on the other hand believe that 2012 is by nature an amazing juncture... what this means I have no idea, however with that said, I believe that this is the “Now Time” to create what is desired. 

Since I desire to live in a world of peace and harmony, I know that with every step and action I take I create a personal world of peace and harmony. Also knowing that the outer world is influenced by what I do and think, every time I assist in setting these positive energetic markers of intent in key geographic locations around the world, I am actively aiding in the creation of worldwide harmony.

I believe that with each of these crystal portal events that the geographic locations connect with each other forming two grids - one which surrounds the earth’s mantle and the other which creates a cocoon web in the sky. Each of these webs can be tapped into by all life form on the planet and will assist the earth and it’s inhabitants in their transformation on 12-21-12.

Those of us who believe in WorldWideHarmony by 2012 are taking action steps now. We are creating a world of harmony, peace and love. There are many of you who know that creation comes out of vibrational thought - contact us through one of our link sites. For this journey the more the merrier. After all we know that by focusing on what we want we become more potent in our ability to create that which is desired.

Namasta and Love

Crystal Portal of the Third Dimension
Crystal Portal of the Third Dimension


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