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Culture Shock Russia

Updated on December 27, 2011

It is of no surprise that a culture shock is unavoidable in a big country like Russia for you, being a foreigner to that place. Wherever you visit, may be in Moscow or St. Petersburg you will be little bit frightened but you should not be worried about the Russian people. Please keep in mind wherever you go that is a foreign country for you especially in a place like Russia we can have the first problem of Language.

In fact, most people visit Russia first time face the problem with the language. When the English-speaking people visit Russia, the gray area that they face is the Russian Language. Grammatically and sound wise it is very different and difficult. There vocabulary and speaking style is also different as because it has Cyrillic letters. To a traveler the second problem arises with the norms related to society or manners. In is no wonder that the norms are different and it changes from and between the countries. This is advised to overcome this problem only by talking to the people, at least try to be socialize and without hesitation make communication with them. For first couple of days you may face a problem but after some time you will be comfortable.

Mind that the Russians are also foreigner to some other country and they are facing same type of problem. It is better to adjust you with the situation and to keep eyes open to understand the social norms without getting hot. It would be definitely going to be problem for you in making friendship with the people. Here language is not the only problem but the tremendous busy life or Russians. Do not get astonished to discover that as a Greetings Russians do not give you a smile. In their society smile without a specific reason considered as some type of dishonesty of wickedness. They are familiar with a smile only then when they are getting something funny or even it may be a companionship sign.

The aggressive people of Russia are very straightforward and you should be very free if they ask you about your financial position or anything on your political involvement. It is taken very casually as a part of conversation not at all any type of rudeness. You may also find the sales representative or the waiter or the people from the service industry are not such polite as you had expected. Alternatively, may find the people are so aggressive that in the public transport they just push you off to get into. Russians are very much caring about their dress sensibility particularly in the metropolitans you may find how smartly they are moving. It is found across the metropolis the images of great men and symbols and they are fond of talking about their history with a great proud.

However, be sure that they are having well education level irrespective of their standards. Finally, it is to say that the expats should not at all be worried, as they are the new comers in that country since the Russians are also having a good culture and sensibility to consider a foreigner. There is no harm to confess that you are a foreigner and to learn more from them about their country.


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    Ivona Poyntz 6 years ago from UK

    Lovely photos