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D.C. Enviromental Film Festival 2008

Updated on March 12, 2008

About the D.C. Environmetnal Film Festival

The D.C. Environmental Film Festival presents its 16th Annual film festival from March 11, 2008 through March 22, 2008. The purpose of the festival is to address the environmental challenges that earth faces by presenting relevant films. Just a few of the environmental issues the chosen films address are climate change and the connections between war and our natural environment. The 2008 Festival includes showings of 115 films from 30 countries. The main environmental issue being addressed this year is water through the presentation of many films with environmental themes related to the theme of water. The last day of the festival, March 22, 2008, falls on World Water Day as designated by the United Nations.

Go here to see a full list of the films being shown as part of the film festival and find out the times and locations for the showings.

Some of the Water Themed Films Being Shown

Arctic Tale - This film narrated by Queen Latifa is about a polar bear and a walrus pup. It brings attention to the changing Arctic environment, in particular the decreasing amount of sea ice.

Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk - This new IMAX film is having its D.C. premiere as part of the festival. This IMAX focuses on the Colorado River, which formed the Grand Canyon and was once a mighty river, and how it no longer reaches the sea.

The Water Front – This film is about Highland Park, Michigan. Its main focus is the cost of water in the city and facing the privatization of the water.

‘Til the River Runs Clear – This film shows the pollution of the Hudson River and how the Clearwater (a wooden sloop) has helped to transform the Hudson for the better through concerts and teaching kids about the environment. This is the D.C. premiere for this film.

A Few of the Other Themed Films Being Shown

American Prairie Preserve – The world premiere of this film is part of the festival. This film is about the American Prairie and the work going on to preserve and restore the regions natural abundance.

Galapagos: Born of Fire – This film is about the Galapagos Islands unique natural environment including some of its more interesting animals.

Jungle Beat: Moondance – This animated film features a giraffe and an interesting concept of him knocking the moon from the sky and trying to return the night sky to normalcy.

Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives: The Environmental Footprint of War – This film made its World Premiere at the festival. It documentary shows that the cost of war goes beyond just money and human casualties, but also harms our natural environment.


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    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 9 years ago from North America

      Gee, too bad I;m not in DC right now! Great hub!