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Daesan: A Glimpse of South Korea

Updated on March 21, 2011
GIMCHI & other KOREAN DISHES (courtesy of
GIMCHI & other KOREAN DISHES (courtesy of

Daesan’s port (pronounced as Taesan) is at the same seashore (in Yellow Sea of China) same with Seoul City, the capital of South Korea ( at the western part of the country). It offers a haven to Filipino seafarers to have an easy call with their families back in the Philippines. Stevedores and the loading master, as well, sell telephone cards for prospective sailors who are eager to grab the opportunity to have a cheap call their love ones back home.

Anti-Pollution Law in Daesan waters

Oil spill and other pollution violations in South Korean waters create too much traffic and delay.

South Korean authorities are so strict when it comes to spilling ship's bilges over the sea. Bilges are mixture of oil wastes and other oily garbages that are often dumped by commercial vessels overboard.

Marine pollution regulations (MARPOL 73/78) have guidelines to combat violators that often see shipowners and charteres pay huge amount of money to continue operating.

There are many violations being made in Asian waters, including Philippines and Japan. Some authorities succumbed to bribe that't why some "hot"cases on marine pollution violation are often erased to oblivion.

Daesan's identity

Daesan Hang is the alternative name of Daesan in the southwestern part of Ch'ungch'ong-namdo. the area is hydrographic (meaning the location is good as port). Although it's lesser known than the popular port of Busan just near or literally overlooking Japan's shoreline, it is the primary destination of vessels with crude oil cargo that discharge or load cargo at the said port.

Port authorities are having hard time speaking English. Even pertinent papers are only translated into the business language (which is English) through the computer translator.

Struck by "Gimchi"

We call the variety of cabbage being used in making 'gimchi'as pechay Baguio because it is propagated mainly in the mountainous area of the said city in the Philippines.

Back in South Korea, a group of young stevedores (vessel's help) brought a bunch of gimchi that were always used as appetizer or even a dish when they were eating rice or Korean noodles.

When the supplies ran out, they had to make a simple gimchi by mixing crushed garlic, shredded onion, ginger juice, black pepper, hot red pepper powder, salt and vinegar solution. They also added a little sugar for the sweety taste.

Gimchi is a very good accompaniment for fried fish, I tell you. I pleaded to leave their extra provision for us eat, also.

Daesan is yet to be discovered by curious travellers. It can be a good alternative if you visit ports of a particular country, not just theme parks that are often crowded. Although, there are restrictions that are imposed in every port for safety, you can still request for an approval from the authorities.

No photograph, please. That's the usual reminder you could see, if you visit an oil port, just like Daesan.

South Korea jails Indian mariners and Japan whalers by Propaganda Buster

Handbook on South Korea

South Korea is somewhat akin to Philippines. The two countries have strong ties in tourism and economic programs. Korean nationals who chose to invest in the country easily welded their culture  here. The food, the way of life and family ties, people share the same likings and sentiments. To understand more about South Korea, you can acquire or own a book regarding the said country. You can buy it at Amazon for further readings and information.

South Korean oil spill of 2.7 million gallons!


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      Dollie 2 years ago

      Stay inearmotivf, San Diego, yeah boy!

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      thesailor 7 years ago from Seven Seas

      You, betcha, travel man! Korean foods are also a favorite of many Filipinos.

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      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      I like gimchi, too. You can even eat it with newly-cooked rice alone.

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      Thanks to you, too, Truth From Truth (TFT). I've also seen your hubs. I'm now following you.

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      Nice hub, thank you.