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Daingerfield Football, State Park, and Other Activities in Daingerfield, Texas

Updated on January 22, 2012

Daingerfield is a small town in Northeast Texas with a population of about 2500 residents. It is well known throughout Texas for its Daingerfield Tigers football team, a small-school team with a rich history of success. The Daingerfield State Park is also very popular with residents from East Texas and Western Louisiana.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, Daingerfield is the 4th oldest town in the entire state of Texas. It is also the oldest town in Morris County.

As a small town in Texas, you may hear people typically saying that there is nothing to do in Daingerfield. But this small town has some serious pride in its football team, and residents routinely enjoy traveling to enjoy a string of winning playoff games throughout the state. The Tigers have won the state championship six times and are on a major roll lately, winning in 2008, 2009, and 2010. They also took state football titles in 1968, 1983, and 1985. In the recent streak of state football championship, the Tigers play as a Class 2A, Division I team. However, they have also been successful when placed in Class 3A before many Texas schools were lowered by one class several years ago.

In addition to the storied history of Daingerfield football, another local attraction is the Daingerfield State Park. With woods and a lake, it is an nice place for area residents or visitors to get in some camping, swimming, and fishing. Hiking and boating are also available at the park.

Daingerfield also has another attraction that is rare in modern times. The Morris Theatre actually sells movie tickets for only $1.50. This is uncommon even among small towns in Texas or really anywhere. With $5 tickets considered a steal these days in most places, going to the movies in Daingerfield is a serious bargain.

If visiting or moving to Daingerfield, the Chamber of Commerce has a convenient directory of member businesses at its website. This is a small town, though. So you will not have much trouble finding things, unlike in the big cities.

Refer to the Daingerfield Bee newspaper to get up-to-date information on this small town in Northeast Texas.


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