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Dallas The City

Updated on May 24, 2015


The origins of the city are dated in the far 1841, when a lawyer from Tennessee, John Neely Bryan, decided to buy 640 acres in that area of Texas, convinced that that was a great spot where to build a city, due to the presence of the river, of row lands and Indians with whom to do business, that could have been good reasons to make that area one of the most important economic center of the country. And he was right: during the years Dallas has become a very important economic center, and it still is. Indeed, with an economy based above all on banking, commerce, computer, and communication, with a GDP around 448$ and a very high percentage of employment per year, Dallas is one of the largest metropolitan economies of the United Stated, the sixth in all the Nation.

Seen the importance of the city, there are 15 airports, between national international and private facilities, that link Dallas to the rest of the country and of the world.

Dallas is more than just one of the most populous, most important, or most rich cities of the USA.

To the many Dallas will always be known as the city where one of the most important and beloved presidents of the American history has been assassin. It was the 1963 when the President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot at Elm Street. Since then that place has become a site of historical commemoration, and the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, from where Lee Harvey Oswald shot, was turned into a museum.

But Dallas is also known as a very attractive city, where a person can find anything. From its skyline to its lifestyle the city offers to the citizens and tourists a lot of attractions and entertainments.

The architecture of the city is mostly modern and postmodern. Between the most important and beautiful buildings there is Reunion Tower. It is an observation tower, a symbol of Dallas, that citizens are used to call “The Orb”. Once you get the top you can admire all the beauty of Dallas skyline, and you can also enjoy the view while eating to a restaurant.

Another important building is the City Hall, not just because it’s the politic center of the city, but also for its design, created by the Chinese architect I.M. Pei, who said about the building: "When you do a city hall, it has to convey an image of the people, and this had to represent the people of Dallas... The people I met – rich and poor, powerful and not so powerful – were all very proud of their city. They felt that Dallas was the greatest city there was, and I could not disappoint them."

This architecture that tends to be high, modern and that always tries to be in step with the times reflects the lifestyle of Dallas citizens: active and dynamic.

In town there is no time to be bored, there's always something to do: from shopping to sport, from eating to events, from festivals to concerts, every corner of the city is a source of entertainment.

Indeed Dallas offers any kind of amusement, giving importance to Arts, Culture, Cuisine, Sport, but also Nature and Animals.

That is all you can find in each district of the city. The most important is of course Downtown, the central business district. Sited at the center of the city till a while ago it was only frequented by the workers, but now it has become a very important center of the city also for amusement and entertainment. Indeed it's in Downtown where you can find the best nightclubs.

Another important district is Dallas West End, the historical heart of Dallas, where “behind every brick lies a story” and where's there is Victory Park, the finest part of Dallas with trendy shops, an exciting nightlife and its beautiful architecture.

Still interesting is Bishop Arts District, known as Dallas “best kept secret”, even if it hasn't any more secrets to hide. It's a restored former warehouse area, very eclectic and full of good restaurants and bars.

Also the Arts District deserves a visit as it is the northern area of Downtown all dedicated to the Arts. Indeed Dallas is a very important arts scene all over the country. Here people can take an art public walk, see a show at the AT&T Performing Arts Center, or Enjoy nature at the Klyde Warren Park.

The city has a lot to offer even when the sun goes down. As any other city during nights, Dallas is very beautiful enlightened by the moon and the city lights. So you can decide just go out for a walk to appreciate its magic or go in one of the many places where fun is assured. An example is the Dallas Comedy House at Commerce Street. It is the premier training center and performance venue for comedy opened six nights a week. Another interesting place is the South Side Ballroom, a club with 10,000 square foot dance floor along with spectacular sound and lighting equipment, sited in S. Lamar.

Moreover in Dallas each year is held one of the biggest events that bring in town a big amount of visitors and, of course, money. It's the State Fair of Texas that, since 1886, takes place in Fair Park, a 277 acres recreational complex. The fair was originally charted as a private corporation by local businessmen, but it has do much success since the start that it was turned in a public event, and annually established.

As any other side of the United States, in Dallas sport is a very important part of people's life.

The city is the home of five major leagues sports: football, with the Dallas Cowboys team; basketball, with the Dallas Mavericks; baseball with the Texas Rangers; soccer, with the FC Dallas; and hockey, with the Dallas Stars. These are the most practiced and followed sports in town, but there are also others such as cricket, rugby, arena football and horse racing.

Over than entertainment and sports Dallas is also a city that pays a lot of attention to education. With 337 public schools, 38 colleges and 32 libraries the city is an important center for most of the south central United States. Among the most prestigious colleges there is Dallas Baptist University a private coeducational university. It’s located in southwest Dallas. The school enrolls over 5,600 students and offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees in Biblical studies, business, and music. The school also maintains an Intensive English Program for international students. Its campus, the Tree Campus USA is recognized as one of the most beautiful campuses in southwest.

Moreover Dallas is also a city that pays attention to multiculturalism. Due to its tortuous history during the colonial period, that saw the city being owned first to Spanish then to French and then to México before becoming independent, and being a destination for foreign immigrants, today there are many groups that belongs to different cultures, as Mexicans and Greeks. In fact during the year there are many events in town held by these groups, as the Mexican celebration “Cinco de Mayo”, and the “Greek Food Festival”.

But there is still more. Dallas is Dog-Friendly, through the town there are many parks dedicated to the humans ‘best friends entertainment, as the White Rock Lake Dog Park, the Wagging Tail Dog Park, or the Downtown Dog Park. Also many hotels offer to their visitors the possibility to stay with their dear dogs. One of these is the Hotel Zaza in Dallas' fashionable Uptown neighborhood, that over to offer the most comfortable services, gives to travelers the great opportunity to not have to leave behind their four-legged friends.

All this without forgetting that in Dallas there's really an agreeable climate, above all for those who love not very cold winters, and warm summers. Indeed there s a humid subtropical climate, which means mild winters, not that cold with temperatures between 47 and 80 F, and warm summers, where the temperature gets between 100-110 F.

Hence Dallas is the perfect city for every kind and every aged person: from children to adults, from people that love calmness to those that instead love activity, this city has a lot to offer to its citizens, but it has a lot to offer to its visitors too. A great skyline, entertainment, amusement, education, nature, animals, a lot of cultural and arts events, and a lot more things are there in the city, waiting for people to enjoy them. In other words, we can say that Dallas is one of those cities that once you get there, that is for a travel or for staying, that is for a temporary staying or a definitive one, you can't forget about it anymore, bringing it warmly in your heart for the rest of your life.


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