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From Cockney to Cowboys, Dallas on a Dime - Klyde Warren Park

Updated on January 11, 2015

The curious Cockney

Visiting the Big D for the first time and find yourself frowning because those Cowboys tickets, or that plane ride ate up your budget? Not to worry! Over the years my cockney ramblings have discovered many interesting open spaces to visit that can be viewed without adding any extra cost to you. Who knew the metro could be so kind? The curious Cockney, that's who!

Klyde Warren Park

Award Winner

Our first stop brings us to Klyde Warren park. A beautiful open space, right in the middle of the city that recently won the award for the 2014 ULI Urban Open Space award. It's a relaxing gem of a destination that sits downtown, enjoying the atmosphere of it's residents and allowing you to drink in the surrounding modern architecture while either reading a book with the beautiful blue sky lazily watching over you, or engaging in more social pursuits like a quick game of soccer.

Where is it located?

Getting here by Car or DART

Travel to the park couldn't be simpler. It is easily accessed through local public transport links and by car. If traveling by car however, the park is located on only one strip of freeway but can be accessed from 75 Central North or South and 35E (77) North or South. It nestles between North Saint Paul Street and Pearl Street.

If traveling by Dart, the closest station would be St. Paul that can be found on the Blue, Red, Green or Yellow DART lines. Once there it's simply a 10 minute walk after turning left onto N Harwood Street.


Easily the best way to enjoy your journey to Klyde Warren park though, is via the McKinney Avenue Trolley. It's free and runs efficiently and often, assisted with the generosity of public donations. Our first journey together began at McKinney Avenue where we parked the car locally and then walked to the Tram stop at the top of the line located on 3153 Oak Grove Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204. The trolley schedule varies depending which day of the week you travel. Please access the website link to check the current day's schedule. I found this the most enjoyable way to see different parts of Dallas on a sunny day while making our way to the park.


Unbeknownst to me, Klyde Warren park is a fairly new Dallas installation. It was only in the 1960s that Mayor J. Erik Jonsson recessed the local freeway. Over time, many people felt that the area that was left could be put to good use by creating a memorable community space. By 2004 thanks to local investors and business owners continually pushing the idea forth and donating to the cause, the Woodall Rodgers park foundation was created by Grant Zogg and Linda Owen. Construction on the park began on October 2009 and I was baffled to find out that it was only completed and opened as recently as October 2012. During our visits there, such an ambience has been created that it feels like the park has always lived there, which is just a testament to the love and dedication that was put into it's conception, creation and completion.

I've arrived, so now what?

If a nice stroll on a sunny day enjoying the great surroundings is a little too simple for what you had in mind, there's always something to occupy your time at the park. In true Texan fashion, every taste is catered for and in addition to seasonal events throughout the year, the park always has a constant list of activities to pass the time.

From Drums to Decks

For the avid music or arts fan throughout the week there's a performing arts space, on the weekend a place to listen to the beats of the drum courtesy of George Cortez and on the fourth Thursday of every month from April to October - weather permitting - the park hosts "Decks in the Park" where local DJ's provide a musical journey of different styles for it's attendees. That's just the beginning! More often than not there's a local dance studio sharing it's ethnic styles for the enjoyment of all the local residents.

NTCBA Chair Art in the Park 2013


If fitness is your thing, then join in with any manner of classes including Zumba, Tai Chi, Sweat, Yoga or even a baby boot camp. Maybe tossing a ball will easily fill up your exercise quota?Whatever you choose to do, the list is always plentiful and varied - but make sure to check the schedule before you turn up holding a yoga mat during an abrupt arrival of rainfall!

Family Activities

Family activities on the weekends usually involve one of the prominent local institutions such as the Perot Museum, the Nasher sculpture center and I've even seen a petting zoo advertised provided by the Dallas School of Rock - that's how imaginative the events there are! We managed to happen upon an event that the Dallas center for architecture was hosting that asked it's young participants to create their own 'model city'. There was even time to visit the children's park where all manner of gym equipment kept the younger members of the family busy expending some of that extra energy.

Dallas Center for Architecture Event

Places to Eat

Concerned that you may have to organize and perhaps bring a picnic lunch with you, or a cold drink to quench your thirst? Well scrap those plans as Klyde Warren park supports one of the freshest and smartest ideas to hit the food industry in recent times! The park proudly supports local food eateries in the form of food trucks that park themselves during various times every single day the week (check the park's schedule to see who's parked on what day, or just wing it and be surprised!). You can taste everything from a good old fashioned hamburger or even be a little more adventurous and try some Korean street food. Or perhaps you'd prefer to dine in style? Well the park is also home to Savor, a gastro pub where you can drink a cabernet and nibble on some lobster puffs while watching the other patrons enjoy the weather.

The fun never ends

If you've missed the yoga, already listened to the beats and just wanted to see what else the park has to offer don't forget to check out the reading and games room, play a quick game of chess, croquet or ping pong and maybe even bring your closest doggie pal with you to soak it all in with you. Whatever you're in the mood to do, Klyde Warren Park can cater for it and with an admission free of zero, it's a 'must see' on your list of places to visit when you're next in Dallas.

That's Dallas on a Dime - CHEERS!

Most memorable experience

What is your most enjoyable experience at Klyde Warren Park?

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