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Flamenco at Gillett Square, Hackney,Dalston UK 2009-Blaze Festival 2011

Updated on February 14, 2015

Flamenco Dances and images of South African Artists 2011

Gillett Square sits at the end of Islington bordering Hackney. It is one of the more active areas of Dalston during Summer.

These Flamenco Dancers were part of the Blaze festival in 2009. A rare treat in the open air (and it was rainy of course as one would expect of English weather). The cultural festival happens once a year and aims to bring various nations music and dance to the people of Hackney.

Flamenco Dancers

Images of South African dancers in Gillett Square 2011:Blaze Summer Festival

Young South African Dancer during the Blaze Festival 2011
Young South African Dancer during the Blaze Festival 2011 | Source
Dancer in gold
Dancer in gold | Source

Summer Blaze festival 2011

South African treat on a British summer afternoon

2011 saw the bright colours of Africa grace the Blaze festival in Gillett Square. The mostly young dancers did contemporary African dance to open the festival. Most appealing was the storytelling in music of the African warrior,Shaka the Zulu .

Images taken during the Summer festival under the banner "Blaze".This festival brings together performers from different countries to take part in Englands summer festival. Supported by the Barbican,a great patron of the arts in England.

The scene was vibrant with colour and music during the summer festival in Dalston,Gillett Square 2011. The festival is open air and free to the public. it was a fun afternoon with different cultures merging together during a lovely summer day.

Every year,Gillett square hosts the Blaze Summer Festival much to the delight of the Dalston locals and visitors alike.

More images from the festival in Dalston 2011 can be viewed here

Lion Mask

Lion mask
Lion mask | Source

Kapoiera in Gillet Square

Kapoiera in Gillett Square.

Along with many other cultural events, Gillett Squarehosted a fantastic Kapoiera troupe in 2009.

You can watch the video below to catch a glimpse of what the act was like.

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Gillett Square is in Hackney London , please see map below. There are a few backpacker lodges in Hackney if you are touring.

Video of Kapoiera Dancers in Gillett Square, Hackney, London.

Gillett Square Dalston e8 London

A markerGillett Square Dalston e8 London -
Gillett St, Hackney, Greater London E8 2, UK
get directions

Gillett Square is located off Kingsland Highroad just 2 minutes walk away from Dalston Kingsland Station. The Vortex Jazz Club is in the same location


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