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Danville, KY Gods Country

Updated on August 5, 2015

Danville, KY

Over the weekend I visited my mom and dad in Danville, KY.

I have to say it is one of the down to earth places I have ever

been! Time seems to stand still. It seems like everyone is in

no hurry and they take their time. I had complete strangers

waving and saying hello. I really thought that places like this

was a fairytail. I enjoyed all the hidden creeks and caverens.

The red dirt they have was a brilliant red. They have some

really interesting places to visit. We went to this place called

"High Bridge" that overlooked the river and forest. We stood

on a steel platform that overlooked a high train bridge and

trains still use it til this day. We visited a restraunt called

"Huddle House" that had excellent food and service for

a good price. I enjoyed all the farm land and the country

houses. If you enjoy outdoors or country life, this is a

place that you have to see to believe. I will diffently be

visiting Danville, KY again!

Danville, Ky has been a city in since 1792. Danville was

also the first capital of Kentucky in 1785. It was also the

first to have a courthouse, US Post Office and first

political club. Healthcare has a major inpact on this

quit little town to. With Dr. Ephraim McDowel being

the first doctor in the world to remove a ovarian tumor.


Danville, KY


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