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Must See Places & Day Trips In Pennsylvania

Updated on January 23, 2012

Are you planning on making a day or weekend trip in Pennsylvania? Well here are the top places that you should visit, if you haven't already! There's plenty of places to choose from that span across the state of PA. Pack your bags, buckle up, and get ready to hang on!

Bushkill Falls
Bushkill Falls | Source

Bushkill Falls – Bushkill, PA
Closed December – March

It’s Niagara Falls in PA! Situated in the Pocono’s, Bushkill Falls offers 8 majestic waterfalls that anyone in touch with nature will enjoy. Be prepared to walk on hiking trails and through the forest to catch a glimpse of these magnificent waterfalls. Not only do you get to experience the waterfalls, but you also get a wonderful view of the forest and the Pocono Mountains!

Penn's Cave
Penn's Cave | Source

Penn’s Cave – Centre Hall, PA
Open All Year Excluding January

Do you love animals, caves, and riding in boats? Penn’s Cave is the trip for you! Did you know that Penn’s Cave is one of America’s only all-water cavern and Wildlife Park places? You can take a tour on a motorboat to experience an underground stream, or go on the wildlife tour which features wolves, bears, bison, deer, elk, and more! Check out Penn’s Cave today!

Hickory Run State Park
Hickory Run State Park | Source

Hickory Run State Park – Carbon County, PA

Is hiking and camping more your speed? Come check out Hickory Run State Park’s 15,500 acre establishment. You can go hiking on any of their 40 miles worth of trails, or simply bring some camping equipment and enjoy a relaxing weekend! You may even want to venture out to The Boulder Field, which is a National Natural Landmark full of boulders! If you’re into the outdoors, this trip’s for you.

The Crayola Factory
The Crayola Factory | Source

Crayola Factory – Easton, PA

A perfect day trip for the kids! Come and experience The Crayola Factory and making Crayons firsthand on their tour of the making process. After the tour, the kids’ imaginations are the limit when they go and discover the many things they can create with markers, crayons, paints, and more. You can even pretend to be a kid again and create a work of art! Let your imagination run wild at the Crayola Factory.

Franklin Institute
Franklin Institute | Source

Franklin Institute Science Museum – Philadelphia, PA

Any lover of science will enjoy this hands-on museum. See how the body works and how things change over time. You can even experience a real flight simulator! If it has to do with science, it’s here to come check out!

Dutch Apple Theatre
Dutch Apple Theatre | Source

Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre – Lancaster, PA

Are you tired of going to the movies and would rather watch a play instead? The Dutch Apple theatre can give you that, plus a meal! They feature different shows throughout the year, but their buffet is always the same: Excellent! You can choose the adult buffet or the kid’s buffet, and then get to see a great show for dessert!

Knoebel's Amusement Resort
Knoebel's Amusement Resort | Source

Knoebels Amusement Resort – Elysburg, PA

Free Admission to this park! Really! If you want to come and hang out you can do it for free, or purchase tickets or a hand stamp to ride the rides. Take a ride on the Phoenix, a wooden roller coaster that will blow you away, or slow it down with a train ride through the woods. You may see some deer or squirrels eating along the way! Top off your day with some ice cream for the perfect ending to a perfect day. Want to stay longer? Bring your camper and make a reservation to stay at their own private campground!

Chocolate World
Chocolate World | Source

Hershey’s Chocolate World & Zoo – Hershey, PA

The best name in chocolate: Hershey. Come see how chocolate is made on their tour ride, all the way from the bean to the Hershey Kiss! Even taste a free sample after you’re done with the ride! After that, check out the other hands on things in the museum, and then head over to the zoo to see some pretty crazy animals!

Lake Tobias
Lake Tobias | Source

Lake Tobias - Halifax, PA

Get ready for a fun-filled day with the animals! Lake Tobias has some pretty crazy animals, and they're all in one place! Jump on the bus tour for a guided ride through the woods and the fields seeing different animals such as deer and buffalo! Have you ever fed one of these animals? You can actually throw food off of the bus and feed the animals! After the bus ride, check out the petting zoo and sit in on the animal show. It's sure to be a great day, especially after you've fed a huge animal!

Little League Museum
Little League Museum | Source

Little League Museum - Williamsport, PA

I'm sure you've heard of the Little League World Series. You know, the time when all of the youngsters are playing baseball on TV and they're in their glory? Guess what? You can go the place where they play; Williamsport! Go check out the museum for all of the baseball facts you could ever want or need! When you're finished, you could even go down to Lamade Stadium and check it out! Planning on visiting in late August? Check out the schedules and pop into a game. It's free admission! Play Ball!

Pioneer Tunnel
Pioneer Tunnel | Source

Pioneer Tunnel - Ashland, PA

Are trains more your speed? Come see The Pioneer Tunnel and Mine in Ashland, PA. Take a ride on the train and learn about coal and how to mine it. You'll also learn about the history of coal and the Pioneer Tunnel. One of PA's top 10 attractions, the Pioneer Tunnel is a must-see.

Centralia Mine Fire
Centralia Mine Fire | Source

Centralia Mine Fire - Centralia, PA

Have you ever heard of Centralia? Well it's one of the places you should visit in PA! A mine fire has closed the original road to the town, however, visitors can walk back the road and see what it looks like today! The town is no longer inhabited by people (except for the few that refused to leave), so it's pretty quiet! All that remains are a few houses and a cemetery. If you get there at the right time, you might even see the steam coming up from underneath the ground! It truly is a fantastic place to visit.

Yuengling Brewery
Yuengling Brewery | Source

Yuengling Brewery - Pottsville, PA

How many of you drink Yuengling Beer? Come see where it originated in Pottsville, PA. Tours are available with taste testing at the end! The only other place you can tour a Yuengling Brewery is in Tampa, FL, but we're visiting PA! Bottoms up!

Harrisburg Capitol
Harrisburg Capitol | Source

Harrisburg Capitol, Harrisburg, PA

Anything in Harrisburg is worth visiting. Click here to see the many attractions and historical offerings that Harrisburg has in store. Plus, everyone should visit their state capital at least once in their lives!

The Liberty Bell
The Liberty Bell | Source

Betsy Ross House, Liberty Bell, Etc. - Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is loaded with historical facts and attractions. Click here to see all Philadelphia has to offer. It must have a lot, they wanted to make it the state capital at one point!

PA Grand Canyon
PA Grand Canyon | Source

PA Grand Canyon - Wellsboro, PA

The Grand Canyon in PA, which means you don't have to drive to the real Grand Canyon! Located in the beautiful Tioga State Forest, this magnificent land feature is truly like the Grand Canyon! It stretches for 45 miles and drops to depths of 1500 feet! Throughout the Grand Canyon you can find awesome mountain scenery, as well as waterfalls. This trip is for the true outdoorsmen in us all.

Allegheny National Forest
Allegheny National Forest | Source

Allegheny National Forest

The Allegheny National Forest possesses over 513,000 acres of public land in northwestern Pennsylvania. Here you can hike, bike, and do other entertaining outdoor activities in the western part of the state. Take your tent and have some fun!

Titusville | Source

PA Oil Heritage - Titusville, PA

A look back to the past when Colonel Edwin Drake made the first oil well right here in PA. Go check out the area where he helped make oil what it is today. Bring out the history buff inside of you!


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