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Daytona SeaBreeze...Perfect Location Away from the Craziness

Updated on February 19, 2012

Daytona SeaBreeze

Stunning Views
Stunning Views | Source

Great Location in a Popular Beach Destination

My family and I stayed here for a week in July. This resort is in an excellent location and is away from the busier part of Daytona Beach or teh part commonly known as the party area. If you are like our family who have kids, this is not something we would like to expose our kids to so the Seabreeze offers a great alternative to staying in Daytona.

The Seabreeze is located on the south end of Daytona shores. It is close to Ponce Inlet and other areas surrounding Ponce Inlet. It also offers a quick drive to some major chain restaurants. The beach outside the resort is often uncrowded (although it is still a beach people can drive on) and it is obvious that this is the family friendly part of Daytona Beach.

The resort itself is great because of its prime family location. When you first walk into the lobby you will notice several common sitting areas and the activities desk, front desk, and manager's desk. This also happens to be the sama area in which the game room, library (with internet access) and activities room are all in. The pool is also only a short walk around the corner. This resort does provide pool towels but you must give towel cards which insures return of the towels after each use.

The nice thing about this pool is it was never too crowded to enjoy and the resort has many pool toys available for your use. Adjacent to the pool is the tiki area, which is nicely equipped with gas grills, outdoor sitting areas, and the rather large fire pit (often used for night time activities). Guests who are interested in grilling can request that the grills be turned on and also will be given grilling tools (which must be returned after use).

The rooms are very nice, however, one must not be too quick to compare them to other resorts in the area or even other Bluegreen resorts.Orlando. The main selling point of this resort lies in the fact that it is in a prime location on the beach.

The rooms are spacious enough and are equipped with a full kitchen (refrigerator, small kitchen table, oven and stove, microwave, other small kitchen appliances, and all dishware needed). This is an added bonus for saving money, as eating out every night can get quite expensive for larger families. When you make reservations in this resort, you will either have access to a one or two bedroom. They do have one suite on this propery which is located right at the pool area. We had the one bedroom and even with the 5 of us we never felt like we were too cramped. Then again, we were on the beach most of the time and therefore not in our room much.

Our one bedroom had a king sized bed and its own tv and a balcony (with a view of the beach). The living area had a pull out sofa with a tv and a smaller sofa to the side that could easily sleep a small child. The kitchen was rather small and could sit a family of 4 but if you are like our family, we did most of our eating on the balcony enjoying the beach. All rooms in this resort are oceanview, which is a huge bonus.

Overall, this resort was a great family destination for us beach loving people. Previously we had negative feelings about Daytona because of being in the busier section but our stay here changed our view of Daytona. We loved the location, the friendliness of staff, the resort feel, and above all the beach.

Eating Out in Daytona

If you are someone who likes to eat out when you go on vacation plan on spending quite a bit of money to eat out in Daytona. Daytona restaurants are relatively expensive, especially those in the heart of this city. Even the pizza places could set you back quite a bit. Since we were staying in a one bedroom timeshare, we decided against eating out every night, as it would have cost us around $1,000 to eat out with 3 kids. This is when we ventured into town to the local Publix Grocery Store. Wow! Who would have thought a grocery store was so expensive. We thought we could save some money doing it this way (and we did) but not as much as we had hoped. Their meat is overly priced, as are most other groceries. That's when we decided to head over to Winn Dixie (at the recommendation of a local). This grocery store was a bit better in prices, but still more than we were used to in Pennsylvania. However, it still beats eating out every night in Daytona. If you are a family traveling with kids it might be best to choose how many meals you plan on eating out while here to save yourself the hassle of going broke, especially if your room has a kitchen.


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