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Dear Mount Fuji

Updated on September 1, 2016
CYong74 profile image

A Japanophile who has survived 15 solo trips to Japan. Ced's visits focus on discovering the country’s lesser-known attractions.

Mount Fuji's only proper showing to me.
Mount Fuji's only proper showing to me. | Source

Dear Mount Fuji,

My friends advise against it, but I conclude that one way or another, this message would come to your attention. You are mythical, i.e. magical after all, aren’t you? So I have been told since young. I’m sure that as an international tourism beacon, you would also be paying much attention to social media. All that is written, moaned, serenaded, lamented, and gasped, about you. Nothing escapes your esteemed eyes, right?

Dear Mount Fuji. I’m writing to you to highlight a frustration that I’ve been bottling up for 18 years. To the extent that I’m about to blow like a volcano. Since 1998, I’ve been trying so hard, so very hard, to catch a glimpse of your magnificence. I have expended much time and money, endured hours of train and bus rides, weathered unbelievable crowds and hustling, just for one glimpse of your legendary beauty. I regret to say you have been most uncooperative! In most instances, you decisively, derisively ignored me. A few times to the extent I thought you didn’t exist after all. Why? Why did you pull all sorts of mists and fogs and illusions around yourself to shield your grandeur from my eyes? Did I approach you the wrong way? Was there some sort of ritual that I neglected doing before stepping near your awesomeness?

Oh, don’t argue. I acknowledge there was that one time you present yourself in full. That time when my mum tagged along. But you know what? I’m convinced it was a ploy of yours. No thanks to the (cherished) photos my mum’s been displaying since, no one believes me when I claim you are so elusive. Everybody takes it that I’m exaggerating. Worse, some came up with the theory that I’m UNPURE, thus unworthy of the privilege of seeing you. Is that really the case? Do you consider me as unworthy of your presence?

You do give that impression, yes? That you’re somewhat disdainful of me? I mean, what’s with all the taunting since that trip with my mum?! Those little glimpses of you when I least expect it, only to vanish utterly by the time I pull out my camera. Why show when you don’t intend to show properly? And don’t you get me started on that afternoon at Hakone in 2005! How rude! To only show your lower half, your, AHEM, bum? That was uncalled for! Yes???

Yes! I SAW you that morning! Yatta!
Yes! I SAW you that morning! Yatta! | Source

Alright, I’d be fair. We got over all that eventually and there you were in 2010 and 2011. Full body and peak and everything with no clouds. But let’s be honest. You weren’t in a good mood on those days, were you? What happened? What incensed you so much that there was barely snow on your head in the late of December? As for that time from the plane, well, I’d just say that even the stewardesses agreed. You appeared rather drunk that morning. Surreal, yes. Very atmospheric and Final Fantasy like. But drunk. Sorry if I sound rude, but I guess somebody left too much sake on you the previous night. Must be really great sake too. Hmm.

I guess somebody left too much sake on you the previous night.

Oh dear! Mount Fuji is not happy about something!
Oh dear! Mount Fuji is not happy about something! | Source
And Mount Fuji has been playing JRpgs.
And Mount Fuji has been playing JRpgs. | Source

Anyway, I guess we have also moved past these and we could be considered as, friends? Which means the next time I visit, I really hope that you exhibit some of that legendary Japanese hospitality we read so much about. Could you, please? No fog, no mist, no missing bits especially. Just yourself, with maybe a bit of cloud and a blue sky. That’s all I’m asking for. Oh, it would of course be nice too if you could convince the cherries around you to hold their petals. And maybe, if it’s not too much to ask, some of that sake you were drinking while I was on that plane? Yeah. This love-hate thing we have, I kind of consider ourselves as buddies. Oh wait a minute, you’re supposed to be a lady, right? Shitsure! But, you know what I mean. You’re magical and you would know.

Your Stalker
C ... ... ...

PS: How I continue to dream about you, Mount Fuji.

My preferred spectacle of you, the next time I visit.
My preferred spectacle of you, the next time I visit. | Source

Visitors to Japan! Do you agree that Mount Fuji is horrendously difficult to see or photograph?

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© 2016 Ced Yong


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